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Saturday, 17 November 2018

My Favourite Podcasts Part iii

I've been pretty much obsessed with podcasts for nearly four years now. They're just the best - whenever I'm walking somewhere, on the bus or train or rarely plane and don't fancy reading, trying to get to sleep and can't, they engage my brain and are so educational and fun to listen to. Podcasts have blown up in a big way, especially among my generation, so this is by no means a new thing for me to be sharing today. But a couple of years ago I shared ten of my favourite podcasts in two posts: one and two. And in the time since then I've discovered many more and have lots of new favourites that you just *have* to listen to.

So today I thought I'd carry on from that list two years ago and share part three of my favourite podcasts. Please let me know if you listen to and love these podcasts as well and pass on any of your own recommendations - I don't know how I keep up with them all nowadays but I'll always make room for a new, great podcast!

11 // Nobody Panic - This podcast is hosted by the wonderful comedians Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates and is described as a "guidebook to being a fully functioning adult without screaming all the time. Each week, Stevie and Tessa tackle life's big, small, fun and sometimes scary questions with the help of experts and special guests because we're all in this together, guys. So nobody panic". As I've mentioned many times recently, adulthood is pretty terrifying and this podcast makes me so happy because not only does it offer practical advice for facing adulthood from topics such as how to start a business, how to make a choice and even how to sleep well, but Stevie and Tessa give that advice in the most funny, down-to-earth way.

12 // Ways to Change the World with Krishnan Guru-Murthy - Ways to Change the World is a Channel 4 podcast with journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy in which he interviews a range of people on their views on the world, how they think it should be changed and how they think that change can be achieved. Some clips from guests Guru-Murphy has interviewed have gone viral such as the episode with Jameela Jamil and Richard Curtis so you've probably heard of it but I can tell you first-hand that it's really great. Every episode is so interesting and insightful and he's interviewed such interesting people from Lily Cole to Jess Phillips to Reni Eddo-Lodge and more. Definitely download an episode if you haven't already!

13 // The Guilty Feminist - If you haven't listened to The Guilty Feminist podcast you absolutely need to. It's hosted by comedian Deborah Frances-White who is absolutely amazing and each episode is recorded live with special guests discussing different topics and how we should approach them as feminists. The show's premise is based on feminism in the twenty-first century and how we can achieve feminist goals despite the things that undermine them. What I love about it is that it highlights that none of us are perfect (the 'I'm a feminist, but...' segment at the start of every episode is absolute genius) but that that doesn't make us any less good feminists and in and amongst the absolutely top-notch stand-up comedy are really accessible and informative discussions on how we can make this world a better place.

14 // The High Low - Now this is a bold statement, but The High Low has to be my favourite podcast of all time. I am completely and utterly obsessed with journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes who host it and each week talk about the latest news and pop culture, from the high to the low brow of events and issues. I'm truly in awe of the time and dedication Alderton and Sykes must dedicate every week to researching the topics they discuss so that they can have a conversation which is always so informed and undertaken with such care. If you couldn't tell I can't speak highly enough of it, their weekly recommendations for what to read, listen to, and watch and even Dolly recommending the Sainsbury's app of all things recently ensure that I'm clued up on all the best and most important things out there at the moment (or at least highly entertained) and listening to the episodes is an absolute highlight of my week.

15 // Jules and Sarah the Podcast - This is a very recent discovery for me but one that I have quickly come to love dearly. I've got such a backlog of episodes to catch up on but Jules and Sarah the Podcast is a podcast in which best friends Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell meet and for half an hour have essentially the most random but hilarious and heart-warming discussions - from how their mothers are doing, to sharing quirky news articles from the north of the country to playing would you rather. I can't describe how funny I find Jules and Sarah and it's just like listening to two best friends have a catch-up every week which may not sound like the most entertaining thing, but I promise you it is. These half an hour podcasts are sound bites of pure delight and I've said it before but I'll say it again, I really would love Jules and Sarah to be my best friends.

16 // Table Manners with Jessie Ware - This podcast is a pure delight. Singer Jessie Ware and her wonderful mum Lennie have a guest round for dinner and they discuss all kinds of things but mainly focus on food. They've had so many great guests on, particular highlights for me being Sadiq Khan, Ed Sheeran, Dolly Alderton and Sandi Toksvig, and it's just such a joy to listen to such a lovely mother and daughter have such great conversations with really interesting people. It's definitely worth a listen.

17. Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel - This podcast is another recent discovery of mine which I absolutely adore. It's an insight into couples' therapy sessions as each episode is a recording of a one-off session for a couple with psychotherapist Esther Perel. All couples are kept anonymous which allows the episodes to remain true to the couple's feelings and experiences and it's just phenomenal. If, like me, you're super interested in other people and relationships (read: nosey) then you will love this. Not only does it teach you so much about love and relationships in this time but about communication and the very basics of human interaction. I am obsessed.

So there you have part iii of my favourite podcasts. There are so many I'm loving at the moment that I'm going to share part iv really soon too! I hope you're all having a wonderful start to your weekend.

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