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Saturday, 13 October 2018

The 52 Lists Project // Week 41

Happy weekend everyone! I'm spending mine in Exeter with my uni friends and I couldn't be more excited to see them and be back in one of my favourite places. Anyway, this week's prompt is: "List your favourite things about Autumn."

Before I get to my favourite things about Autumn, I have to admit that it isn't one of my favourite seasons at all. I know for so many people you can't beat this season, but it just doesn't do it for me. I prefer it to Winter which is funny, given that I'm a Winter baby, but I just hate the dark evenings and late sunrises. They make me feel so sluggish, I hate the cold and all in all I just think nothing compares to how happy I am in the Summer. But there are still some things I love about Autumn so here they are....

  • The leaves falling from the trees - Even though the trees blossoming in Spring is one of the highlights of the year for me, I do appreciate how stunning it is to see the beautiful red and orange leaves falling from the trees preparing for Winter. 
  • Conker collecting - I don't do this any more really but when I was younger I was completely obsessed with collecting as many conkers as was humanly possible for a little one to carry (much to my Mum's delight I'm sure) and every year seeing the hundreds of conkers reminds me of that time and puts a smile on my face.
  • The feeling of a fresh start Autumn brings - Autumn will always signal a new school year for me. Even though this year for the first time I'm not starting a new school year, I have started a new job and the changing of the season marking Summer's end always feels like a new chapter is beginning and I really love that.
  • Guy Fawkes' night - November counts as Autumn right? Some of my favourite memories ever are from bonfire nights spent watching beautiful fireworks, having hot chocolates, and toasting marshmallows. It's one of my favourite nights of the year and one of the rare times when I really appreciate the dark and the cold of this season. This year sadly I'll be just recovering from an operation to have my wisdom teeth out so I'm not sure I'll be able to go to a firework night so I'll just have to save it for next year.
  • Bowls of warm porridge for breakfast - This might not be inherently specific to Autumn for everyone, but for me it usually marks the time when I switch from something like overnight oats to making porridge for breakfast and I just love how a bowl of porridge warms you up and fills you up for the morning - the perfect Autumn breakfast.

So there you have it, my favourite things about this funny (to me) season. What are your favourite things about Autumn?

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