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Sunday, 25 June 2017

The 52 Lists Project // Week 25

Happy Sunday! I'm up bright and early because I'm now working at the Wimbledon Championships for the second year in a row which means that I'll be working almost every day until 16th July so I'm going to be a very busy bee indeed for a while.

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I last worked there and, I feel like I'm saying this about everything lately, but time is going way too fast and I'm on the brink of an existential crisis every time I think about it! Existential crises aside, it's lovely to be back and I love the routine of going into work almost every day and working with so many amazing people.

Anyway, today's list is: "List the things that make you feel powerful." which at first I thought was a bit of a strange one because I'm not sure I ever really feel fully powerful or that that's something I want to feel. But, when I changed my association with the word powerful to things like independence, it was much easier to come up with a list and so these are the things that make me feel powerful...

  • Writing - Writing definitely makes me feel empowered. Sitting down and taking the time to get out my thoughts, especially if I'm writing about something I feel very strongly about, makes me feel very powerful afterwards. I don't know if that's a weird thing to say because I'm not sure writing would be the first thing that would spring to mind for most people but it did for me and so it's on the list!
  • Pushing myself when exercising - It's rare but when I'm in the exercising zone I feel amazing. They're really not lying when they say that exercise releases endorphins and it's something that makes me feel on top of the world when I feel like I've pushed myself.
  • Educating myself - I fully believe that knowledge is power. And being able to talk about a range of things having been privileged enough to receive (and to still be receiving) a wonderful education definitely makes me feel powerful. In my opinion education is the most important tool with which people can feel empowered.
  • Engaging politically - Along a similar line, in recent months if I've felt passionately about a political issue I've written to my MP about it. I always vote when given the opportunity and sign petitions on causes I believe in. I know how lucky I am to live in a country with a democracy where I have the right to vote and voice my opinion and, although I think the past couple of years have been incredibly depressing politically, being able to participate even in these small ways in politics makes me feel powerful. 
  • Earning money and choosing how to spend it - While I perhaps optimistically think that education is the most powerful tool through which people can feel empowered, I have no doubt that many would say this is in fact money. It's sad but our world really does revolve around money and those who have it typically have far more power than those who do not. And I have definitely felt powerful when I've earned my own money and chosen how to spend it. Obviously, being a student, I'm not exactly rolling in it but having had a part-time job all year has really empowered me in having a bit of money that I've worked for myself.
  • Starting conversations with strangers - Not that I do this very often, but it can be very daunting to start a conversation with someone you don't know well if at all but I get a genuine buzz from it when I do. I love people and so being able to strike up a conversation with someone new makes me feel great and, knowing that it's a bit of a daunting thing to do, does make me feel kinda powerful when I do it!
So there you have it, the things that make me feel powerful. Let me know what would be on your list - I'd be very curious to know how it varies from person to person!

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