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Sunday, 2 April 2017

The 52 Lists Project // Week 13

And I'm finally free!! I've handed in all my deadlines and second year work is pretty much over... until I need to start my revision for my May exams, but let's not talk about that now!

It honestly feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my life and it's only since I've stopped over the past few days that I've had a chance to realise just how tired I am. A good rest this week is definitely in order and a catch up post will be on its way to you over the next few days I promise, which I'm sure you've been on the edges of your seats in anticipation of reading...

Anyway, this week's prompt is: "List the things that always cheer you up" and, since I've been quite up and down over the past few weeks, I feel like I'm quite the expert in knowing what makes me feel better when I'm not 100%!

  • Friends - They say 'a problem shared is a problem halved' for a reason guys. Although I'm not someone who can ever snap out of a bad mood immediately, nothing helps me more than talking things out, usually over and over again until my friends are no doubt sick of me, although they are always lovely and never show it!
  • My Mum - In a similar vein, no one knows me better than my Mum and talking things through with her will immediately cheer me up a bit if I need it. 
  • Chocolate/food in general - Surprise surprise, Anna's writing about food again but it just wouldn't be a list of things to do when you need cheering up if it didn't include something food-related!
  • Reading a good book - They always help me to escape to somewhere else so that I don't focus too much on whatever's making me feel blue.
  • Ditto with blog posts - Whenever I read one that I relate to or that I know will help when I'm not feeling myself I bookmark it for a later time and reading through them makes me feel so much less alone.
  • Pamper/self-care evenings - Putting a facemask on, painting my nails, generally putting my feet up always brightens me up no end.
  • Spending time outside, especially if it's sunny - I'm someone who's mood is instantly ten times better if the sun's out so it being a gloomy day massively affects how I'm feeling. If the sun's out though there's nothing like a walk and getting some fresh air to put me in a better frame of mind. 
  • Familiar things - Be it old songs from my childhood, tv shows like Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill or films like One Fine Day which I'd watch with my Mum whenever I was ill (side note: isn't that just the cutest film? George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer are the dream), I always find myself craving familiar things like this if I want to cheer up. I think it's natural when life's a bit uncertain to look for comfort in what we know and I love hearing about what these are for other people so do let me know what yours are if you have any too!
  • Spending time with family, especially my nieces and nephews - I'm sure I've said this before but kids have such a zest for life and I don't think I've ever felt sad for long when I'm around them. I think we could definitely learn a thing or two from the way they see the world.
  • Getting a good night's sleep - Whenever I'm feeling low I have an immediate urge to just crawl into my bed and sleep it off. I've found that things always look better in the morning and I'll see things with much more clarity if I've had a good night's sleep so it might be a bit of an odd thing to suggest for a way to cheer up but it definitely works for me!

A bit of a mammoth list this week I'm afraid, but I think it's no bad thing to have a long list of ideas for what to do if you're feeling fragile and I hope they help you if you're in need of cheering up! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and I'll be back soon with that promised catch up post! 

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