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Friday, 14 October 2016

Four Friday Reads

I'm off to Nottingham today to see some of my favourites from home so this week has been incredibly full what with lectures, work and me trying to get ahead with next week's reading because there is no way that any work is being done this weekend! This all meant I hadn't had time to put together a post for this week. So instead I thought today I'd share four things I think you should read this Friday to set you up for the weekend. I hope you find something interesting to glance at and that you all have wonderful weekends! Aaaand now I'll stop rambling and actually get on with it...

1 // Oh Comely - Oh Comely is the most beautiful magazine I think I've ever seen. I discovered it a few months ago and have since subscribed to it because the joy flicking through its pages brings me is something that's definitely worth investing in. It's an incredibly well-curated magazine and one I'd really recommend picking up if you're on the hunt for a new magazine this weekend - the latest issue has only just been released!

2 // Meg Fee 'On eating disorders and the physicality of depression and one's own ever-after' - Meg always writes the most stunning pieces and this is no exception. This one especially is a must-read in my eyes.

3 // Blog Socks - Blog Socks was recently set up by the lovely Charlotte and features a range of fabulous bloggers. Trying to find new blogs to spend hours getting lost in instead of doing work peruse isn't the easiest anymore and, by featuring bloggers by asking them some fun questions, Charlotte has made sure that it's so much easier. There are some real gems being showcased over there at the moment and my own little blog will be sometime soon as well which is very exciting so definitely check it out!

4 // Anne T. Donahue: That's What She Said 'On Being Liked' - Anne's newsletter is one of my absolute favourites but this particular edition, on being liked, I haven't been able to stop thinking about since it popped in my inbox a couple of weeks ago. She completely hits the nail on the head and you simply MUST read this.

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