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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Flashback to Five Years Ago

I received a lovely letter from one of my oldest and closest friends, Rosie, two nights ago. (Still loving receiving real letters btw.) In it she was incredibly sweet and told me that the song Army by Ellie Goulding reminds her of us when we were growing up. Somehow the song had passed me by but, when I listened to it, I completely agreed. This girl has been and, I hope, will continue to be my army throughout my life.

Last night I watched the Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour DVD with my friend Ellie. I went to that tour with Rosie and some of my other best friends when we were just thirteen. Ellie actually went to it too funnily enough (since we met at uni), and on the same date as me - obviously we were always going to be friends ;) It's funny how music and lyrics can take you right back to a specific time in your life, even if that time was five, nearly six years ago.

Both the letter and watching the DVD have made me a little nostalgic and I wanted to write about it, as I always do when thoughts like these strike. Thirteen is such a funny age, don't you think? I can only speak from experiencing it as a girl but, from that perspective, or at least for me, it's such a defining age.

As I wrote to Rosie in the letter I posted her today, it's an age of countless firsts. First kisses. First loves. First heartbreaks. First true friendships that are more than who you play with on the playground everyday. Some of which have lasted to me on the brink of turning nineteen. I have such precious memories from being thirteen. I remember being so confused about who I was and boys and love, but knowing that I wanted to find out about these things all the same.

The Speak Now album especially resonates with me at that age because my friends and I listened to it constantly and if we weren't listening to it we were singing it, excruciatingly out of tune I might add. But, more than that, the lyrics have an innocence that thirteen year olds have. It's the age when you believe girls can really steal boys from you like in the song Better Than Revenge. The age when meeting a boy who probably actually isn't the slightest interested in girls at this point feels sparkling like in the song Enchanted. The age when you and your friends make some memories you'll remember for a lifetime and you realise that these friends will be there through anything like in the song Long Live. It's the age when it's considered okay to be a hopeless romantic.

This is why I love music and admire Taylor Swift so much. I may be biased because I grew up listening to Swift's music but I think her sheer honesty about very personal times in her life is frankly admirable. Thirteen year old me needed her music to try and understand what was going on in my life. Nearly-nineteen year old me does too.

It's funny how looking back on some of these memories makes me laugh now when I took them so seriously at the time. I've painted thirteen like it's just magical. And it is. But it's also a very painful and confusing age and one that I'm not sure I'd go back to, even if it was nice to have a flashback to it over the past couple of days.

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