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Sunday, 28 February 2016

BeautyChat LIVE with Lily Pebbles & Vivianna Does Makeup

I made a two-night trip back to London this week to go to an interview for a summer job and, while I was there, managed to go to BeautyChat LIVE with Lily Pebbles and Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup. Both are mainly beauty-centred YouTubers (although in the past few months they've branched out to make videos about a range of their interests) and I have loved and watched their videos for about eighteen months or so. 

The whole evening was so lovely. I got to see the beautiful Emma and catch up with her as we attempted to navigate our way around Westfield where the event was held (turns out neither of us have a great sense of direction!). When we arrived at the Clarins Urban Oasis we were each given a glass of prosecco, which was very kind of them, and made our way to sit down at the cutest little tables with canapes to listen to Lily and Anna's Q&A. 

After the Q&A we got to see some of Clarins' amazing products, try a mini massage treatment and pick out some samples to take home. In the midst of this were Lily and Anna who were both so friendly and approachable. I always think it's such an odd thing to meet someone who you feel like you know because you see so much of their lives online but who you don't actually know in real life, if that makes any sense! But both of them were so sweet and we had such a nice chat even though they were short on time by the time Emma and I got around to speaking to them. 

You can tell from both of their channels that they are super hard-working but listening to them talk in the Q&A you could see the passion they have for what they do and it really made me realise how much I hope to be able to one day do a job that I love as much as they seem to love theirs. The crazy thing is just ten years ago their job didn't really exist and that's partly why I found the night so inspiring (as well as a little daunting at how incredible they both are!) - because we have absolutely no idea what the job market will look like in the next ten years which makes me feel like the possibilities are endless.  

All in all, it was a wonderful evening. The Clarins ladies working there were so helpful and friendly too and I got to meet two ladies who really inspire me and make me excited to get out into the world of work in the next few years, whatever it will look like then!

Clarins were also kind enough to give us gift bags to take home with some of their products, which I'm so excited about! I gave the anti-ageing product that I can't remember the name of as well as their eye makeup remover included in the bag to my Mum, who was very happy with that, and have kept their day cream, body scrub and natural lip perfector for myself! I'm particularly loving the lip perfector which is the perfect combination of a lip balm/gloss and is keeping my lips both peachy pink and moisturised. I may have also picked up a new MAC lipstick while we were in Westfield... but in fairness I've wanted MAC's Twig lipstick for a while now so I feel like it's justified ;) 

Although events like these can seem a bit intimidating when thinking about attending them, after going to BeautyChat LIVE I would highly recommend nabbing yourself a ticket if any crop up in the future! It's so nice to meet the people that inspire you and also to meet other lovely like-minded people who go to the events too!

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