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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Recently I'm Reading // Places I Stopped On The Way Home

I've always been in love with Meg's blog and her beautiful way with words. Meg writes like no one else. If you haven't read her work before it's difficult to describe but the way she writes about things makes it not only feel as though you're there yourself, seeing her experiences, but her words are so relatable that you yourself are reminded of experiences of your own life. For me that's the mark of a great writer, and Meg is certainly that.

She announced that she was releasing an ebook back in October, consisting of sixteen essays and describing it as "my love letter to what has been and what will be". I finally got around to buying and reading it over the holidays and it's safe to say I devoured it in one sitting. Writing about her experiences with men, both good and bad, as well as her love affair with New York City, it's perfect reading for anyone who is in the midst of it all. In the midst of becoming who they want to be or even just trying to find out who the hell that is.

In a world where we're increasingly being told to 'fit the mould' and are expected to know who we are almost as soon as we've hit puberty, Meg's words are so so refreshing. Her wisdom and talent in story-telling shine through every single essay and by the end all I wanted was more.

If I haven't made it clear yet that I can't recommend Places I Stopped On The Way Home enough I don't know how else I'm going to so I'll leave it here. I loved it so much that I just *had* to share, if you're interested you can buy the ebook here.

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