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Thursday, 31 December 2015

On A Year In Review // Fifteen Highlights of 2015

Well, here we are. New Year's Eve. 2015 is almost over and 2016 nearly begun. 2015 has in many ways been the best and worst year of my life. The best in that I learnt and achieved so much. But also the worst in that I learnt so much. Although ignorance is most definitely not bliss, sometimes learning can be painful, especially when it involves learning about sides of people you never thought existed and learning that you perhaps don't know yourself as well as you may have originally thought. Paradoxically, that's also the joy of learning. Because once you learn these things, you can move on and forward, to better things. And that's what I hope to do in 2016.

So, to reflect on the year in a positive way (and as an excuse to include a list wherever I possibly can) here are fifteen highlights from my 2015 ::

1 // Turning eighteen years old in February - My birthday this year was great. I had the most wonderful day with my favourite people.

2 // Meeting Carrie Hope Fletcher in May - I love her and she was amazing.

3 // Voting in my first election - Probably didn't make much of a difference but I think it's so important to vote and I'm so glad I got to this year.

4 // Prom - this was the perfect way to end my time at sixth form and a night I'll never forget.

5 // Seeing Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour - Hands down the best concert I've ever been to. The weather was beautiful, I was with my best friend and Taylor Swift was, of course, perfect.

6 // Barcelona with my best friends - who could ask for more? One of the best weeks of my life!

7 // My niece Lucia being born in July - Although she lives in New Zealand so I haven't managed to meet her yet, your sister having a baby is pretty damn exciting.

8 // Visiting Genoa with my best friend and Mum - I'd been dying to go to Italy so long and I finally went and it was fabulous. Only problem is I want to go back and see more places and eat more Italian food, nooooow!

9 // A Level Results - I still can't believed I managed to get A*AA and get into my first choice university.

10 // Spending time at my sisters' this summer - it's been so nice to get closer to my older sisters over the past few years and being able to go up and spend time with them (one lives in Yorkshire, one in Liverpool)!

11 // Starting university - I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life as I was driving up to Exeter University but I love it and am really enjoying my course, just can't believe a whole semester has gone already.

12 // New friends - With uni came new friends and I feel so lucky to have made some really great ones and to get on so well with my flatmates, it makes all the difference.

13 // Visiting friends at their universities - Although I've been having so much fun at Exeter it's been really nice to go see some of my other friends at their unis. A particular highlight was surprising Lish in Bristol (she was visiting her boyfriend, Matt, who goes there), being reunited with my best friend was just the best feeling.

14 // Being reunited with old friends over the Christmas holidays - this has been amazing and I don't want it to end. Please don't make me go back to university and do exams next week!

15 // Christmas Day with my Mum and Gran - As I wrote on Christmas Day itself, I usually spend Christmas at my sister's in Yorkshire with my Dad, niece and nephews so spending Christmas at home this year with just my Mum and Gran was lovely, albeit significantly quieter!

And there you have it! I can't get over how much has happened this year and what incredible memories I've made. Although it's been a tough year, these fifteen things have made it so much easier and made me so much happier. Now I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store!

I hope 2016 is a joyful year for all of you and that you all have amazing New Year's Eves, I'm spending my evening at a party with my best friends which I can't wait for. Also thank you so much for sticking with me through 2015, I'm hoping 2016 won't be so up and down on the blogging front.

And I suppose all that's really left to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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