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Monday, 29 June 2015

On My Leavers' Ball

My leavers' ball was last Wednesday and it's safe to say I had a wonderful night. In my experience, events like these are always massively built up and so I tried to have low expectations for it. All I really wanted was to spend it with my very best school friends, celebrating our hard work over the past two years and to hit the dance floor towards the end of the night! 

Spending a day getting pampered is my idea of heaven to be perfectly honest, so I loved having my hair and make up done, and then getting ready with my friends. After two months of non-stop stress in the lead up to my A Levels, this day was just what the doctor ordered. Once I'd gone up in front of my year group and their parents to receive my graduation certificate from the Head without tripping and falling (which was a serious worry!), we had a bucks fizz reception and were soon off on the coach to Hampton Court Golf Club.

Three courses later we all went downstairs to have a dance which was absolutely hilarious. And before I knew it, it was over, and we headed to a club for the rest of the night. Honestly, I can't believe it's over and how quickly the ball actually went. Especially as a girl; getting your dress, shoes, and whatever else for prom, there's so much to sort out for it and so it feels a little odd that it's all over, in what felt like the blink of an eye. I suppose that really sums up life - with time always passing no matter how much you might want it to stop to enjoy the moment you're in for a bit longer.

Anyway, I've started to ramble again! What I really want to say is essentially that nights like these are ones I'll never forget and I feel incredibly grateful to have spent the past two years at such a great school with such lovely people. In years to come looking through all the photos from this night will bring a smile to my face, I'm sure. 

Friday, 19 June 2015

On Finishing A Levels & New Beginnings

Wow, it's been almost a month! Remember when I said I thought study leave would give me more time to blog? Well, I really should have known better. Every day was spent revising and, the closer it got to exams, the more intense it got meaning I had zero time to sit down and type, despite how much I wanted to.

But my A Levels are over!! I had my last exam on Wednesday and I honestly can't tell you what a relief it is. Coming out of my last exam was definitely a bit of an anti-climax as I didn't immediately feel a sense of euphoria that I'd predicted I would. Instead, quite honestly it felt really odd, almost surreal. Nevertheless, celebrations were in order and so, myself and my friends who had finished our exams by Wednesday, went out for drinks in Richmond.

I absolutely adore Richmond but, then again, who doesn't?! It's such a beautiful place and, sitting by the river with a glass of Pimms in hand, I felt really peaceful for the first time in months. The past few months have been really tough. And not just because of the studying, although revising for such a long period was truly horrific! In the middle of it all, Harry and I broke up. I don't want to write much about it, as I don't think it's fair on either of us to do so, but needless to say that has been incredibly painful and hard to deal with in such a stressful time. But I saw him yesterday and we left things truly amicably, which in some ways makes it all a little easier. I also have so much to look forward to this summer, so I'll be keeping myself busy for sure.

I'll stop myself there before I end up writing pages to make up for not having written here for nearly a month, and I don't think anyone wants to read that! I just wanted to get down where I'm at right now, and to let you all know that I am alive! I hope you have wonderful, wonderful weekends and I promise I'll be back soon xoxo
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