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Sunday, 26 April 2015

On Happenings of Late

Life has got super crazy over the past couple of weeks. Please bear with me in the next couple of months - what with A Level exams, mocks before that, and having barely any time to just sit down and relax or go out with my friends, there has simply been no time for blogging. And while that makes me very sad I know that it's what has to give in the next few months, just as it has done every year. It will be positively joyful when I don't have exams so will be able to actually blog in the months April-June! I just thought while I've got a spare moment it would be nice to catch up, so here I am.

Since I was here last I've been to Exeter with Mum and finally made the decision that Exeter University is really where my heart is, despite it not being anywhere near as close as York to my sister. I've firmed it, put York as my insurance, applied for student finance and accommodation. All these 'big life moments' are panicking me a little, but at least I'm not shying away from them!

A couple of weeks ago now we celebrated my friend Josie's 18th birthday. Josie is going to Honduras next year to teach primary school children English with Project Trust and we managed to raise £400 for it as a birthday present for her. I'm most proud that we managed to keep it a surprise, her reaction when we told her was such a lovely thing to see. The justgiving page is still open for a few more days so I'll link it here if anyone would be kind enough to donate - it's for a really good cause, I know Josie will be amazing out there as much as I'll miss her. After all getting a little emotional over Josie's present and the fact that we won't see her for a whole year, we proceeded to go out for cocktails and lots of laughter followed, as you can see in the photo below.

 The weather seems not to have been as good this past week (boo!) but when it was lovely I really did make the most of it (yay!), and this time went on a little picnic by the river with my best girlies. It was such a pretty evening and we had our first Pimms of the year; definitely something to be celebrated.

This week just gone on Wednesday evening I went to the philosophy dinner (my sixth form has subject dinners towards the end of the academic year for A Level students). I had such a great time; I tried babaganoush for the first time which was absolutely divine, we played a mixed form of philosophy charades/taboo which got a little competitive and hilarious, and talked about all our plans for next year. It really made me feel so lucky to have had such fab teachers over the past few years who will truly go to every effort to make sure that you have what you need, we need many more such people in the world for sure!

And I'll round up this post with a photo from last night. It was two of my friends' birthday parties which was 1970s themed. I, of course, went as Sandy from Grease. It was a really fun night and although I'm not usually the biggest fan of themed parties, last night's theme was a definite hit and I did secretly enjoy dressing up as Sandy and having an excuse to sing songs from Grease throughout the night (as if you ever need an excuse! ;)). Sorry again for the lack of posts recently, I'll try to post sooner than the gap I've left up to today xo


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