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Saturday, 28 March 2015

On One Week To Go 'Til Easter

I have the fondest memories of Easter as a child, both in Romania and here. I remember one year my sister arranged an Easter egg hunt for me and my cousins in the fields of Yorkshire. It was, as I know I said at the time, "the BEST DAY EVER!" and so is a day that still holds in my mind today. Easter in Romania is a far bigger deal than it is here, as far as I can tell, with long masses and the tradition of dying eggs being prominent every year. 

Easter in Britain may have become highly commercialized (just like every other holiday...) with shops selling Easter eggs as early as January, which is just wrong on every level, and yet I still look forward to Easter weekend every year. As a Christian, it is unsurprisingly a very important time for me as the religious message reaffirms my faith every year. I think it's so easy to forget what Easter's really about and, while I don't for one second advocate limiting the celebration of the holiday to Christians, I do think that it's important to remember what the holiday is all about. Even if you don't have faith there's definitely something to be learnt from the idea of sacrifice and love that surrounds this holiday. 

On a more superficial level, however, as a teenager who has given up chocolate for Lent for two years running now, it marks a day in which I am allowed to stuff my face with chocolate (after a roast lamb dinner, of course!) and nobody can say anything about it. I therefore urge you all to do the same next weekend; to put your feet up, have a lovely roast dinner, remember what the weekend's really about, and, most importantly, to eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE ;) 

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend next week - only a week and a day to go until I can eat all those lovely treats above, I can't wait! xo

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