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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

On My Weekend In Numbers

Well my mocks are finally over, and so far I've got an A and an A* which I'm over the moon with! So I thought, while I had a bit of time, I'd sit down and tell you about a lovely little weekend I had last week in numbers.

2 :: slices of cake consumed, one made by my friend Lish's Mum, and the other from the Hummingbird Bakery. I can confirm that both were delicious and I'm still daydreaming about them three days later.

Approximately 4 :: hours spent dancing at Lish's 18th birthday party on Friday. It was such a lovely night with all my friends; there is nothing better than getting all dressed up and dancing and laughing with them so all in all, a wonderful night. Although for some reason I thought wearing heels for the entire night would be a good idea. My feet are paying for it... never again.

1 :: new talent discovered. It turns out I'm actually pretty good at making cocktails. Who knew?! Certainly not me! On Friday night I made a version of Sex on the Beach and a pineapple and Malibu kind of cocktail that doesn't have a real name... It's safe to say that I was very proud of myself when people complimented me on the drinks.

5.5 :: hours spent revising in my pyjamas and a big hoodie on Saturday for the politics test that I had yesterday. It turns out I like to revise slowly. At least it wasn't rushed or hectic - it was a very slow day, and that was as perfect as having to revise after such a late night on Friday can get.

1 :: episode of the new series of House of Cards watched. I know everyone is desperate to finish series 3 as soon as is humanly possible but I'd rather not rush it considering that it'll be at least a year until the next series is released so, although I'm having to watch out for spoilers, I'm rather enjoying watching this new series at a snail's pace.

1.5 :: hours of football watched at Harry's on Sunday. Apparently it was an important match for Spurs so I agreed to watch. It's funny, sometimes I can get into football, and other times I just zone out completely. On Sunday it was the latter, sorry Harry!

0.5 :: hours spent eating the most amazing roast dinner made by Harry's Mum. There's just something about a Sunday roast, isn't there? Nothing beats it and it really hits the spot at the end of a pretty full weekend.

What about you? What did you get up to this weekend?

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