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Friday, 13 March 2015

On My Skincare Routine

Now, if you'd have told me a year ago or honestly even last month that I would have a skincare routine that I was sticking to, I probably would have laughed out loud. I have never bothered much with looking after my skin, apart from removing make up halfheartedly with a wipe at the end of the day I've worn it and applying some Sudocrem when I've got a blemish. Over the past few weeks, however, I seem to have developed one that I'm actually really happy with, and so I thought I'd share.

I'll be the first to say that I know very little about skincare and so I can only tell you that these products have really benefited my skin, which is combination to oily, but if you have a similar skin type, I would highly recommend giving them a go!

1. Twinings Green Tea and Camomile & spiced apple tea :: Everyone and their dog knows that green tea has a huge number of health benefits, one of which is that it is supposedly good for your skin. After watching some of Emma Blackery's videos a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I really should try and drink some more herbal tea. It was just after half term when I'd worn make up most days; an unusual occurrence for me, and so my skin was looking a little worse for wear. Since picking up these teas myself, I've been drinking a green tea every morning and a cup of camomile and spiced apple tea about an hour before I go to bed each evening. Both are wonderful; I've found that drinking the camomile really settles me before I get into bed which makes for a better night's sleep, and the green tea is lovely to drink while I'm waking up to the day. While they're not your typical skincare items, I would really recommend drinking more herbal tea - they have benefits far beyond your skincare!

2. Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream for oily to combination skin :: Well there's a mouthful of a name! This is an item that I have used for over two years now and has become a real staple in my morning routine - I never fail to use this moisturiser before I leave the house in the morning. At only £3.99, it's a steal and does the job for me. It may not be as good as very expensive moisturisers, but it's perfect for my skin so is definitely a winner in my eyes.

3. St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub (blemish fighting) :: This exfoliator is a new addition to my skincare products, having never really thought to use an exfoliator before. I picked up the blemish fighting one because I tend to get irritating break outs that I'm hoping to reduce but they also do a version for sensitive skin if you'd rather a softer exfoliator. I've started using it twice a week before I go to bed and am really enjoying this product - it smells nice, has walnut in it which really exfoliates the skin, and leaves my face feeling beautifully soft before I hit the hay.

4. Virgin Coconut Oil :: This is a product I've been using as a cleanser every other day on reading Freya's great experience with it. I like the idea of using natural products on my face and so I was really keen to try this out, especially as you can just pick a jar up from most supermarkets, making it really accessible. I have to say, the consistency is really nice and I find the coconut-y smell really soothing in the morning when I apply it in the shower. It's one I'd really recommend you try out just because it's so easy to get a hold of and it's a really nice cleanser that I would never have thought to use before reading Freya's post.

5. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (for all skin types) :: The camomile cleansing oil was recommended to me by my friend Rosie a few months ago who understands the struggle I'm sure we all face of getting our make up entirely off at the end of the day. I'm forever finding when I use wipes or liquid make up removers that it never fully comes off and the next time I get in the shower I'll come out with mascara under my eyes, not ideal. I can honestly say that this cleansing oil actually gets all your make up off and is really good for your skin, which just makes me want to shreik hallelujah and spread the word to anyone who'll listen! It's £10 a bottle but lasts for a good six months at least (in my experience) so I think it's really worth the money considering it's the first product I've found that fully removes make up.

6. Garnier Shine Be Gone Fresh Refining Toner (for combination to oily skin) :: I'd never really used a toner before I bought this, or even knew what it was for! Over the past few weeks I've been applying it after I remove my make up to make sure my skin is completely cleansed and that my pores are tightened... I'm not sure I fully know what that means but that's apparently what it does and I have had a really good experience with it. It's a highstreet brand so pretty affordable, although I'd say that it isn't essential to use one - I've gone my entire life without using a toner regularly before now.

There we have it then; everything that I've currently been using in my skincare routine. Like I said, I can't promise that if you use it you'll have the same experience as me, but if you have combination to oily skin and don't wear make up everyday (I generally only wear it if I'm going out at the weekend) then it could be worth trying some of these products. Let me know if you do and what you think!

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