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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

On My Little Weekend #02

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind one, to put it lightly! So much so that I was a very bad blogger and failed to take any pictures. It was one of those weekends where, although it's lovely, there's just no time, you know?

It began on Friday afternoon when my Dad and I drove up to Yorkshire to spend the weekend at my sister and brother-in-law's and to spend time with my gorgeous niece and nephews. The drive up took five and a half hours on and off, so not the most enjoyable of car journeys but nonetheless worth it to see those cute faces who'd waited up for us to arrive!

My sister, Cait, had made us bowls of delicious pasta which we ate almost immediately on arrival before the kids went up to bed and we then lounged around catching up for a few hours before I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer! I slept wonderfully, which is really something to be celebrated as I'd slept pretty terribly on Wednesday and Thursday night last week and so was feeling a little bit worse for wear. Speaking of which, I'd told my Dad on the way up to Yorkshire that this had been the case and, when we arrived, Cait told us that she'd experienced exactly the same thing before I told her that I hadn't slept well the past couple of nights but had been sleeping well before that. Isn't that weird?! It makes me think more and more that your sleep really is affected by the moon, as some people say.

I was up relatively early on Saturday morning as the reason Dad and I had come up to Yorkshire for just a weekend was because I had to attend a York University visit day on the Saturday. After breakfast and playing with the kids a little we hopped in the car and drove to the university - a much nicer drive that only took an hour or so! Having been unsure of York the first time I visited in September, I really loved it this time. It's funny how you can have a completely different feeling about somewhere the second time you visit. Maybe it was the fact that there were less people this time as the open day was only for students with York University offers in English or History which may have meant I could appreciate it more, I don't know. But I really loved it so I know I'll have a hard decision to make if Exeter give me an offer over the next couple of weeks as to where I want to go; I really loved them both.

It's my nephew's seventh birthday in a couple of weeks and, as he's out on a school trip on the actual day, my sister asked when he wanted to do his birthday cake/tea and he suggested when me and my Dad were up because we've never been there for his birthday before. And so we did on Saturday night. It was a really sweet, family evening - we had Indian takeaway which was amazing and then homemade birthday cake which was even more amazing. It was also really lovely to be there for Alfie's birthday tea and to see him open his birthday present from me. Watching the three of them grow up in general is so wonderful and they're really becoming the nicest children, which just makes it an absolute pleasure to be their aunty.

On Sunday morning I played hide and seek with the three of them for a couple of hours, we all had a roast dinner, and then it was time for Dad and I to drive back to London. The journey back took an hour less than on the way there which was great, and left me some time to relax at home watching more House of Cards before the weekend was officially over. Like I said, such a whirlwind weekend, but one that I really enjoyed. A definite pro for going to York is that I would be much much closer to my sister and the kids which means I would get to see more of their beautiful faces!

Anyway, what about you? What did you do this past weekend?

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