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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

On My Little Weekend #01

It's a Tuesday night. That means you can inevitably find me at my desk, usually writing an essay of some sort, and dreaming of the weekend just gone. So, I thought I'd start a feature for when my weekend hasn't included anything too extravagant, but has been nonetheless been a lovely little weekend that I'd like to write a round-up of.

As you can see in the photos above, it was a very food-y and drink-y weekend, which I find are usually the best kind! On Friday evening I went out for dinner with my Dad to celebrate my 18th birthday, which he'd been away for. He introduced me to The Duke's Head pub, which is a beautiful pub on the bank of the Thames by Putney Bridge. We had a lovely dinner, Dad had fish and chips while I opted for their homemade burger and chips accompanied by a pint of cool cider. The burger was really excellent and I loved that the bun had been homemade, I couldn't fault my main course at all. Having not had a starter, we both decided that we'd better have a dessert and I had the apple and berry crumble with vanilla custard; a choice that I was *very* happy with upon tasting it. So Friday was a really lovely evening spent catching up with my Dad in a sweet pub with great service and impeccable food - you can't ask for more than that for a Friday night I don't think!

I spent most of Saturday daytime just doing some odd jobs - boring, especially as the weather was so glourious which made be want to be outside, but necessary! Having been so impressed with The Duke's Head the night before, I decided to take my friend Lish for a drink there on Saturday night and we each had a glass of rose which we caught up over. Once we'd finished, we went to meet our friend Serena and chatted, laughed, and ate in Wagamama. I always find that there's something perfect for whatever kind of mood you're in at Wagamama, and Saturday was a chicken katsu curry kind of mood. With tummies full and spirits high after laughing so much, it was another fab evening - the kind of evening that's good for the soul, you know?

Sunday was as food-full as the previous two days. It really was my ideal Sunday: I hopped on the train to Harry's, we went to his and watched Aladdin (which will always be such a great film in my eyes), and he cooked me spinach and feta cannelloni. I'd never had cannelloni before, but it looked so easy to make and was so delicious that I'll be sure to make it myself at home. As my Mum went to Prague this weekend (Not jealous. Not jealous at all!), I didn't want to leave it too late to get home so I caught the train back after dinner and watched the series finale of Call the Midwife. Wasn't it so bittersweet? Call the Midwife is one of those series that is perfect to watch at the end of a weekend and never fails to lift my mood a little, even when it's sad.

So there we have it - my little weekend, and a pretty wonderful one at that. Anyway, what about you? What did you get up to this weekend?

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