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Thursday, 15 January 2015

On Mundane Happenings

Wow, a whole week has apparently gone by and I haven't really had a chance to blog. I guess that's what always happens when the holidays end and I go back to school because I end up with a load of homework, absolutely exhausted, and slumped in front of the tv by around 7pm. All meaning that I have little time to blog and nothing specific to blog about. I mean, who really wants to read a blog post about these incredibly mundane past few days?!

Although, then I remembered that the posts I love to read the most are the ones which I think are the most relatable. And the ones I find most relatable are posts like these. Ones where it's about someone's real life and thoughts. So here we are. Prepare for a splurge of all things currently going around my head. You're welcome.

It's always odd, going back to school. It feels like you've never been away and yet I've just had three and a half weeks off. I've been trying to appreciate everything a bit more considering that this is my last year at school ever and although I'll hopefully be at university next year, it probably won't be quite the same. Nevertheless, it's not easy to appreciate something that leaves you exhausted and crawling into bed at 9pm. Yes really.

It's fifteen days into January and, if I'm being honest, I haven't really improved my exercise regime at all despite my goal to do so. I think that a lot of people are experiencing the same thing but I really am determined to get fit again so I must find the motivation to just do it. As my sister wisely pointed out over the holidays, when it comes to exercise, you never regret actually doing it, but you often regret not doing it. So even if I have a bad run or bad swim or whatever, it's always worth just going because it's better than sitting on my bum watching copious episodes of Gossip Girl (although now that I've written this, I'm going to have to actually get off said bum and close Netflix). With that in mind, I *will* go swimming on Saturday morning and even if I only manage twenty minutes I'm going to do it and slowly ease myself back into it because it's good for me and it relaxes me and it will set me up for the day.

Something else I've also found fifteen days into 2015 is that, sometimes, people just aren't worth your time. And while that's a pretty pessimistic way of viewing things and I do like to try and see the good in everyone, life's too short (which I know is a cliche but must be one because it's the truth!) to spend your time on people who give you very little back. So I'm going to make sure that I choose my friends and time wisely over the next few months. Promise.

Right, I think that's quite enough rambling for one evening. Until next time...

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