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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

On My Happy List #02

I break up for the Christmas holidays tomorrow which has put me in a particularly Christmassy and happy mood so I thought I'd take five minutes to make a list of what's making me excited and lifting my mood at the moment.

1. Christmassy things. As pictured, I've made a little corner on my windowsill all Christmassy with a light up angel snow globe, a mini Christmas tree, and the Christmas penguin my Gran gave me. This, as well as beginning to wrap presents and write gift cards, have definitely got me in the festive mood and have me immensely looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Not to mention how happy my Mum bringing home my favourite mince pies (the secret is they have cranberries as well as mince meat) has made me - you can't beat a good mince pie in the lead up to Christmas!

2. Kind-hearted people. Sometimes I think it passes me by how lovely and genuine some people really are. One of my Italian teachers from last year brought in a panettone today and we had a chat about how everything's going whilst enjoying a slice. It sounds soppy but I really do believe that the teachers who you can tell care make the biggest difference, and there're the ones I think I'll remember for years to come. So it was lovely to have that chat and be reminded of how wonderful a number of people truly are.

3. Christmas games/quizzes. In keeping with the Christmas theme (because no one can tell me now that I have to shut up about it when it's only NINE days away), we've been playing lots of Christmas games/quizzes today which has been really fun. Christmas pictionary, charades, and just general Christmas knowledge quizzes were played rather competitively and much more fun than doing work!

4. Catching up with friends. I know I mentioned this in my last happy list, but it's something that always makes me incredibly happy and it just so happens that I caught up with my friend, Tudor, over the weekend. He's just started his first year at university in England and he stayed at ours' before flying home yesterday morning. On Sunday evening we went out to Five Guys, which was *delicious*, and talked about a number of things, as always. We worked out that we've known each other for six years now, which just seems crazy and also really cringey thinking back to then when I was only twelve years old!

5. Taking time out to write. Because things have been so busy this term it feels like I haven't had time to write as much as I'd have liked to. I can't promise that this will happen, but I'm hoping that over the next three weeks I'll have a little more time to devote to writing and reflecting, and that definitely makes for a happy Anna!

What's making you happy at the moment?

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