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Thursday, 4 September 2014

On Taking A Step Back

Most of my best friends' 18th birthdays are coming up this year and, me being me, I've tried to be really organised about getting presents. Whenever I've come up with an idea I've been adding it to a list on my phone so that I don't forget it. But I realised the other day that I've got a bit too engrossed in it all. 

The truth of the matter is my best friends don't need a stupidly expensive present to make them happy. That's not what any of it's about. I know Harry would be perfectly happy with a hug and a kiss and a card (although I've got him a proper present!).

Harry was the one to make me realise that these things just aren't as important as the friendships themselves and that I somehow managed to get into my head that all of these presents had to be *perfect*. Of course it would be fab if I could afford to spend more on people and buy all these amazing things, but I've always held that it's the little things that make me the happiest, and I'm sure they're what make my friends happiest too.

And most of those things aren't physical objects. They're the cuddles and laughter and catch-ups when I haven't seen my friends in a while. And when my 18th comes in February, I'd be more than happy with my loved ones' company for it. 

So I've decided to take a step back from it all and remember what's really important, something I hope to do more instinctively.

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