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Friday, 8 August 2014

On Dinner At The Cricketers

Since my Dad and his girlfriend have been together (which is about two and a half years now) they spend their summers in France as that's where she lives so last week we decided to go out for dinner after I'd got back from Romania because I won't be seeing him until September now. It was such a lovely, warm evening that we decided eating outside to enjoy the weather was simply a *must*. And the perfect place in Epsom to go to do just that is the Cricketers. It's a lovely pub with outdoor seating overlooking the lake and some fields. They're quite good at rustling up food too!

I hadn't been to the Cricketers for about three years we worked out, the last time had been with my sister Tai and her then fiance Scott a few weeks before the wedding, so it was nice to go back after such a long time. As pictured, I had a chicken, bacon and cheese burger and chips. It definitely wasn't the best burger I've ever had for sure but it wasn't bad. It was so lovely to spend the evening sitting by the beautiful lake and enjoying the English weather for once! I still find it a little difficult communicating with Nicole (she doesn't speak English), although I can understand quite a lot of French I've found I can't speak it to save my life! It's a bit of a shame but Dad translates and it's not as awkward anymore.

We were much too full for pudding, (which is always a disappointment for me!), so Dad dropped me home fairly early as they got the ferry to France the next morning and had to get up at the crack of dawn to drive down to Dover for it. Speaking of which, Harry and I will be doing the same tomorrow morning as we're getting a 7am train from central London to Yorkshire to stay with my sister for five days. I can already tell that I'm going to be absolutely exhausted by tomorrow evening, probably by tomorrow afternoon if I'm being realistic! Anyway, it'll be quiet around these parts over the next five days and that's why, I hope you all have wonderful weekends xo

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