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Saturday, 19 July 2014

On Southbank & Going Back To Borough Market

On Thursday I watched my Mum's friend's dog, Ava, in the morning - she's so adorable! At lunchtime I left her with some food and made my way to the station to head into London to meet Emma and Becky. We slowly meandered down to Borough Market (which I'm determined I will visit as much as possible over summer!) for lunch. As I had last time, I bought a sausage bap from a stall which I think is called Boston Burgers. It was amazing and perfect on such a hot, beautiful day. Becky and Emma went for pasties, which they both said were also delicious.

Having suitably filled our tummies, we decided to buy a freshly-made juice from the market. I had apple, pear and kiwi, it was so good! Having fresh juice always makes me long to buy a juicer myself, although I think that's going to have to wait a while but I have no doubt that I'll be investing in one in the next few years. After a bird pooed on my bag - not a happy Anna - we made our way down to Southbank for a walk and to see the Globe theatre. Becky's incredible at acting and a true thespian so Emma and I were shocked that she hadn't seen the Globe before.

On our way down there we spotted the Tate Modern so had a quick look around. I'm not a very artsy person and don't generally enjoy art exhibitions or visiting galleries (please don't hate me!) and neither does Becky so when we made our way into a piece of art in which you walk into a literally pitch black room, I was slightly (read: very very very) weirded out.

Leaving the Tate Modern soon after that experience, we walked along Souhbank and looked at the Globe a while before stopping in a Starbucks for a much-desired strawberries and cream frappuccino. We then walked along the river some more, taking in the sunshine and tourists, and plonked ourselves by the Thames to drink our drinks and admire what a stunning day it was.

Soon after we went back to the station and Becky and Emma had go home. It was a lovely day and I'm hoping to replay days like this all summer long. The exciting part of this post (you may have noticed a lack of photos so far) is that Emma vlogged it! Emma is so talented at doing make up, and she has a wonderful Youtube channel which you should all go and follow, although she has 18,000 more subscribers than I have followers so I don't think she reeeally needs me to tell you to follow ;) Anyway, here's the video, excuse my camera awkwardness - which is definitely a thing! - I hope you enjoy.

Just quickly to let you know I'm off on holiday to Romania this afternoon for ten days so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to blog over that period, I'll try to a little but, if not, I'll see you all soon!

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  1. Don't worry, I'm not really into art either :)


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