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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

On A Picnic, A Party & Catching Up

The past few days have been really lovely so I thought I'd write up what's been going on while I have a moment just now. On Friday I finished at 12pm so my friends and I decided to go for a picnic in what was glorious weather. And so a trip to M&S ensued to buy everything you could possibly need for a picnic - including strawberries, cocktail sausages and pimms as but a few examples of what was bought! It was wonderful to sit in the sun with some of my favourite people and the perfect start to the holidays, although it was a shame that we had to say goodbye to Lydia and Lish who have now left for Ghana for three and a half weeks. Having got used to seeing each other almost every day, it's going to feel odd not doing so over the next couple of months.

Sadly I had to leave early to meet my Mum in central London where she now works on Fridays. It was great to see where she's been working, it's such an incredible space and I'm glad she gets to spend her Fridays there, making her job a little more relaxing! We then hopped on the tube to go to my godsister's 21st birthday party. It was a fab evening full of sushi, music, champagne, and videos of her from when she was little. Mum and I managed to get home for 11pm by which point I was exhausted and made my way straight to bed.

On Saturday I went for a run and did some quick shopping before catching the train to catch up with Hannah, Kate and Emma. We went to Kate's and chatted about everything that's going on and many other things, including what makes a sandwich a sandwich (are we philosophical or what?? ;)). It was lovely to see them and even more lovely that it hadn't been so long this time since the last time I'd seen them, we must make sure this happens more often! Harry came to meet me and after stopping in to chat for a bit, he and I went to his.

I'm not sure whether or not to be proud that over Saturday night and Sunday day Harry and I watched eight episodes of House of Cards. I think proud is the right word. It's great and engaging, and perfect to watch first thing on a Sunday morning in bed with a bacon sandwich and cup of tea - I would highly recommend the latter! Later on we watched the last hour or so of the Wimbledon final, I'm very happy Djokovic won, and then we Harry made lasagna for myself and his family.

All in all it was a great weekend. I'm now midway through the work experience I'm doing at EY which my sister set up for me as she works there. It's been fun so far and I'm enjoying learning about what they do and how it all works, and actually understanding what Cait does for possibly the first time! I hope you've all had fantastic weekends too xo


  1. What a busy weekend. We finished watching House of Cards quite a while ago, but it's a good series.


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