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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

On Skylight & Puppy-Sitting

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to go to the theatre to see Skylight starring Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan (both of whom I adore) with my Mum and a group of family friends. As I've mentioned only a hundred times before, going to the theatre is a great love of mine and my ideal weekend would most certainly involve a trip to the theatre.

The play was about a complicated relationship between a teacher (Mulligan) and an older man she used to work for (Nighy). Having not seen each other for three years after being found out to be having an affair by Nighy's spouse, Skylight explores the fall-out and what's left between them. It was a fascinating story and as much as I think Carey Mulligan was great and have always admired her, for me, Bill Nighy truly stood out and was perfect in this role.

It was also lovely to catch up and see a few of my and Mum's family friends. It's hard to keep in touch properly with so many people when life's so busy all the time, so when we do see each other it's really lovely. The sun was shining when we got out so we stood outside the theatre and chatted for a while, before I hurried off to meet Harry for dinner.


Harry treated me to dinner at Wagamama which was very sweet of him. The food there was delicious as always and it was the perfect place for Harry and me to catch up on our week and everything else. We then went to another family friend's house to puppy-sit for their gorgeous dog, Ava. I say puppy-sit but she's grown so much since I last looked after her, which was only a few weeks ago, that I'm not sure I can call her a puppy anymore! She's a very sweet dog who, for the most part of the night, slept at our sides, although after waking up seemed to be full of energy so Harry went and played with her in the garden while I kept my eye on the Germany/Ghana match.

Now, I've never been very interested in football and usually the world cup or other leagues just pass me by, I don't even know all of the rules very well! I thought this world cup would be exactly the same, however, I was roped in to participating in a world cup sweepstake and when I drew out Germany, was pretty excited as even I know that they actually have a chance of winning. So I'm still very much not a committed or knowledgeable football-watcher (as I'm sure you can probably tell) but I have committed myself to watching Germany's matches so that I can keep up with how I'm they're doing, much to Harry's delight!

The beautiful weather reflected my mood and it really was a perfect Saturday - if you have the chance I would highly recommend seeing Skylight, I believe it's on until the end of August - which is plenty of time to see it!


  1. Puppy sitting sounds a lot easier than baby sitting! ;)

    1. It definitely is - such a great job!x


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