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Monday, 2 June 2014

On My Summer To Do List

Considering that daydreaming about summer is what I spend the majority of any free time I have doing during exam time, I have definitely been thinking about what I want to do this summer and how I can make it wonderful.

1. Make sure that there's some laughter everyday
2. Book train tickets for Yorkshire to stay with my sister and Dorset where I'm going on holiday with my girls
3. Visit the Old Bailey - I used to be really interested in law and have wanted to make the most of the fact that you can go and watch court cases there for a long time now, so would really like to do this
4. Go to Chessington theme park, because it's one of my favourite places (seriously)
5. Buy discounted theatre tickets for that particular evening
6. Try to get a tan - Romania is probably my best chance of this
7. Spend as much time on the beach as possible
8. Have some lazy days
9. Take lots of photos
10. Finally put some framed photos up in my bedroom
11. Pass my driving test


  1. Aw love your list! I think number 1 is absolutely right :) Best of luck with passing your driving test too x

    1. You definitely can't beat a day filled with laughter. Thank you sweet! xo


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