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Thursday, 19 June 2014

On My Long Weekend

To celebrate finishing exams and generally make the most of the last few days of my study leave before I went back to school this week, I went down to Surrey to see two of my wonderful friends, Rosie and Mackinlay, last Friday and had a pretty packed weekend seeing lots of other people too. We went for dinner at the Harvester who were doing an excellent deal of: a meal, refillable drink and a pudding for £9.99! Although, by the time I'd got through my giant burger and fries, I'm ashamed to say I only managed a few spoonfuls of my ice cream sundae.

We caught up on what's happening in our respective lives and enjoyed the hot, beautiful weather. It makes me sad that I'm not able to see these two lovely faces more often but it ensures I make the most of the time we do have together. Having eaten to the point where we weren't sure we'd be able to move, Rosie and I went back to hers where I spent the night. Rosie's recently started watching Gossip Girl, which I rapidly became addicted to last year and so we spent the rest of the evening largely watching episodes of that and talking about the gap year we're hoping to take after next year - it's all very exciting!

On Saturday I spent the day at Harry's, we had a relaxing afternoon playing badminton (or trying to unsuccessfully, in my case) followed by playing Mario Kart on the Wii as well as me fitting in a snooze before I headed over to Becky's who was having a party that evening.

The best way to celebrate the end of exams is definitely to have a party and Saturday evening was an excellent night filled with friends, drinking, the World Cup England match, and excessive and embarrassing dancing. It's safe to say that by 2am I was shattered and was very relieved to be spending the night at Becky's meaning I would be able to collapse there.

And collapse I did, although, the next thing I knew, it was 8:30am and everyone was waking up. I had a slightly ironic Father's Day, waking up and feeling rather rough, my Dad picked me up in my pajamas, which I spent the duration of the day in, and Dad made me lunch and tea. I had planned to get dressed but it seemed to go out of the window as I was so exhausted. Dad is very good to me and I am hugely grateful for him, especially as he treated me on Father's Day more than I managed to treat him! All in all, a fantastic weekend and a great way to spend one before going back to school. Now here's the photo evidence...

I can dance - promise!;)


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