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Thursday, 5 June 2014

On A Love Affair With Paperchase

Today's purchases

What have I done with my first day of freedom having finished exams I hear you ask?? Well, I spent the morning having a blood test, popping into Starbucks for a caramel frappucino where I did some much-needed revision for my driving theory, followed my a spending spree in Paperchase. Oh, and then I came home, went for a run, and tidied my room from top to bottom. 

Not quite the celebration I had envisioned this day consisting of, but a very productive one nevertheless. And really, Paperchase is one of my favourite places so who doesn't want to spend lots of money they don't really have to spend in there?? Also, I love these Topshop socks and couldn't resist popping in to buy some.

My room was in dire need of a clean up due to me dropping everything everywhere I possibly could have done in it over the past two months. I just get lazy about it when I'm revising and justify not cleaning by telling myself that all of my effort must go into revision, yet somehow it also ends up into watching One Tree Hill. Anyway, one way or another, tidying goes out of the window so by yesterday evening there were piles of paper, masses of revision cards and quotes/dates stuck all over my wardrobe and walls that desperately needed to be sorted out.

Weirdly, I actually quite enjoy cleaning my room. (Is that weird?) I don't do it that often but when I do, I do it damn properly. Combining that with new stationary purchases to arrange on my desk and boxes to arrange my revision cards in, has actually equaled a pretty good day. I have a party coming up in a just over a week, so I'll celebrate finishing exams properly then... 

I'm waitressing at the Epsom Derby over the next two days so will be rushed off my feet but will probably be back here writing some time soon after that, I hope you all have lovely weekends!

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