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Monday, 19 May 2014

On My Favourite Blogs

1. Megfee - I absolutely adore Meg's blog, she truly has a gift with words and whenever I notice that she's put a new post up I genuinely can't wait to read it and see what's going on in her life in New York. 
2. The Cup and Saucer - Alice's blog never fails to make me smile, whatever she's writing about, from delicious recipes to thoughts on life and pictures of beautiful Wales and Cornwall, I love her posts.
3. Sometimes Sweet - I've been reading Danielle's blog for something like three years now, a ridiculous amount of time! It's safe to say that I love reading her blog and hearing about her life with her wonderful family in Arizona, I love her outlook on everything and how inspiring she is. 
4. From Gem With Love - Gem's is another blog that I've been reading for a very long time. Reading about her life and thoughts, her stunning outfit photos and her amazing recipes is an absolute delight, as well as looking at her lovely new blog design as she's just moved to Wordpress!
5. How Does It Feel - Bella's blog is great. Whatever she's writing about, which is an excellent range of things, I'm interested, her stories of university life make me very much look forward to it myself and she seems absolutely lovely.
6. Mantrapixie - I've only been reading Ellie's blog for a few months but it's very swiftly made its way into my most favourite blogs. Hearing about her incredible holidays and reading about delicious restaurants in London makes me both want to jet off to Indonesia and explore more London restaurants simultaneously.. if only!
7. Nishaantishu - Freya's blog is beautiful. Seeing photos and reading about both her travels and life in London is really inspiring. She seems so wonderful and makes me want to jet off to Bermuda where she's just got back from, as well as Indonesia and a million other places...

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