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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

On The Things That Kick Start My Soul

Well, cripes (I have never said that before in my entire life, but I'm not going to go and take it back now so there it is, we'll just move along...). I've just realised we're fifteen weeks into 2014, how has that happened?! My friends and I have recently decided that I'm the pensioner of  the group the amount that I talk about this but I honestly can't believe how quickly this year is going. Anyway, here are the things that kick start my soul:

1. Cups of tea in the morning
2. Opening my eyes when I wake up to see the sun streaming through my blinds
3. Reading books that I can't for the life of me put down
4. Laughing until my tummy hurts
5. Pretty flowers in vases
6. Special days with loved ones
7. Picnics in the sun
8. Going to the seaside
9. Butterflies in my tummy
10. Eskimo kisses

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