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Thursday, 17 April 2014

On My Perfect Weekend

1. Have a lie-in that seem to be so impossible during term-time weekends
2. Spend an hour or so reading in bed with a cup of tea
3. Go for an early-morning facial
4. Have a picnic on a beach with the people I love the most, where, of course, the sun would be shining
5. Pass hours laughing and soaking up the sun
6. Make and eat a delicious home-cooked dinner
7. Play board games and tell stories until an unspeakable time in the morning
8. Fall fast asleep with a massive grin on my face


  1. This all sounds perfect <3

    Steph xo | Influence Blog

    1. I think so too - will definitely have to set aside a weekend in the summer to try and do it! xo


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