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Monday, 28 April 2014

On My Friday

Last Friday, after school finished, I hurried home in an attempt to beat my Dad so that I could change before he picked me up (which gave me about three minutes to change, whoops!) and drove me to Becky's. Since I've moved to London, Dad's been a real sweetie in giving me lifts back to Surrey to see Harry and my friends, which takes 45 minutes or so. The journey was really nice, we caught up on everything since he went away to France over Easter, talked about my sisters and he told me lots of stories from when I was little and before I was born. I love those talks we have, I've not had them as much since my parents divorced so whenever I do they're extra lovely.

I'd been invited to one of Harry's friend's 18th birthday party but Harry had to work so I got ready with Becky, Emma and Kate and he came to the party later. Having dropped off my pyjamas at Harry's, I got to Becky's and we chatted a bit, catching up on the past few months. I was looking forward to the party all week as it had been full of tests and it was the perfect break from such a long week. We had pizza for dinner and then Emma curled my hair. It normally drops out really quickly after it's been curled, which is very irritating, but it stayed in for most of the night, which I was really happy with. Emma's incredible at make up so whenever she's there before a party I ask her to do mine, which makes me very happy.

Once we were all ready we had a few drinks, took about a million photos and somehow managed to turn up at the party an hour late. It was really fun though, I recently wrote about how much I love getting ready for parties and this one was no exception. It turned out to be a great night, we talked to some new people at the party and Harry turned up after work, there was even some awfully embarrassing dancing, but what's a night without that?!

At about 12:30am Harry, Becky, Emma and I walked back to Harry's, in what felt like the freezing cold, and he gave us girls his bed and slept downstairs, in the morning bringing us each a cup of tea, what a gentleman! The girls went home after cups of tea and Harry and I did some revision before watching Frozen with his sister. Frozen arrived on Lovefilm this week and I have a feeling I won't be parting with it for a while (I should really just buy it!), I love the soundtrack and pretty much everything about it. I explained to Harry how hard I found it to resist singing along when we watched it on Saturday, but managed to restrain myself once I'd concluded it probably wasn't the best idea.

It was a lovely couple of days and just what I needed at that time, now I'm back to revision and very grateful for the coming three-day weekend.

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