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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

On Picnics In Hyde Park & Sunny Days

First of all I wanted to apologise for the lack of posts around these parts recently that aren't feature-based, I've had a hectic couple of weeks with school work and tests and blogging is likely to be a bit hit and miss in the next couple of months as I get closer to exam time (boo!), but for the moment I'm here so don't panic, whatever you do!

I can't get over how lucky we've been with the weather over the past week or so, especially following what felt like three months of nothing but rain. Strange as I find it, the sun really does put me in a much better mood than I think I'd otherwise be so Harry and I decided to go into London on Saturday and make the most of the beautiful weather.

We met at Clapham Junction, stopped off at Victoria to pop into M&S for some lunch and caught the tube to Hyde Park Corner. Luckily we got there just before what seemed like everyone and their dog did and found a spot in the sun. I love picnics, there's something about sitting in the sun with a packed lunch (particularly when it's from M&S) and just talking about anything that comes up, it makes lunch so much more fun than usual.

Harry decided to taunt me by buying chocolate covered raisins, one of my all time-favourite snacks, when he knows I've given up chocolate for lent, and after, of course, we spent about an hour and a half sitting/lying in the sun and talking about all kinds of things. As the park was getting more and more crowded, we thought we might as well make use of our travel cards and get the tube to somewhere else.

I suggested getting the tube to Covent Garden to visit Creme De La Crepe, my favourite creperie that Lucy introduced me to a few years ago, but then contemplated that my favourite crepe, the Milky Bar Kid, is the filling of melted white chocolate and strawberries. In fact pretty much all of the most appealing crepes had chocolate in them, which was a no no for me, but we went to Covent Garden and had a look in the Moomin shop, which I also love and am now coveting a phone case from. Sadly, I can't justify spending £20 on a phone case, it seems a bit ridiculous, even if it is adorable!

I hadn't really thought through going to Covent Garden, because I then had the idea of going to the Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington, so essentially I'd taken us in a bit of a circle (whoops!), but I hold that I have never claimed to have a decent sense of direction, and at least we were getting the tube so it wasn't too strenuous!

I adore the Hummingbird Bakery, and picked up one of their cupcakes to eat on the train home. Harry and I were feeling pretty tired out by this point, and I had a bit of a headache from sitting in the sun for a long time, so we hopped on the train back to his house and had a quiet night in, ordering a takeaway and watching My Week With Marylin - which I thought was an excellent film.

It was a wonderful day and it made me really appreciate now living in London, and what a beautiful place it can be in the sunshine.


  1. I miss London so much. Looked like a lovely day, especially if it included a trip to Hummingbird Bakery. So yum!! x

    1. I've definitely come to love it, there's always something new to discover and I never get bored of the things I've done in London! Thank you sweet, it really was :) xo


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