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Friday, 14 March 2014

On Journal Day #04

"If you had unlimited resources, what political or social issue, or area of scientific or medical exploration would you fund? Do you have a cause that is dear and near to your heart that you'd put your time, energy, and money into if you had the means? Tell us about it, along with a bit of background explaining where you're coming from."

This prompt has actually come at a really appropriate time for me. I was trying to think of something personal, specific to me that I would fund because, whilst I completely support cancer research and more well-known causes like world peace, that isn't personal to me - it's not something I have had a lot of experience of, for which I count myself incredibly lucky. I can't imagine how hard it must be for friends and family to face an illness like that. But I decided to be a little selfish in my choice.

Last weekend I went to visit my beautiful friend, Mackinlay, in hospital where she has just had the second operation in just over a year. I really hope she doesn't mind me writing this post, but I wanted to share why this cause means so much to me. Mackinlay has Cerebral Palsy, affecting just her legs and meaning she has to use a wheelchair and can't move her legs. 

This operation, which I won't go into too much detail about, has left her in indescribable pain. It was difficult for me to see someone so dear to me in that much pain, when there was nothing I could do. I was glad I could make Mackinlay laugh for a while though, and hopefully take her mind off of it for a second, even though I know that's incredibly unlikely.

Mackinlay is the strongest person I have been blessed enough to know, she puts everybody before herself always, no matter what she is going through herself. In many ways, life has been very unkind to her, and it makes no sense to me why someone so lovely has to go through this. But she does, and she keeps her head held high and just does it, because that's the kind of person she is. I can only pray that I could ever be that strong in my life. 

So for me, my cause would be funding money into this illness. I have absolutely no idea whether anything could ever be done about it so that she could walk, but if I could that would be the thing that I would pick, in an instant, if it were possible. 

Us a couple of years ago, it's so crazy how quickly it's gone!

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