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Monday, 3 February 2014

On The Things That Make Me Happy To Be Alive

Happy February! January is finally over and it's finally my birthday month (overexcited, me?!). I always feel like January overly drags and it's a pretty miserable month. But now it's February and it's the last proper winter month which means spring might actually make an appearance sometime soon. After such a gloomy month this list is a perfect way to look more on the bright side of things.

1. Laughter
2. People that make you reaffirm your faith in human goodness
3. My best friends
4. My family
5. Harry
6. Tea
7. Books that resonate with you in every line
8. Hugs
9. Being able to make someone smile
10. Seeing new places 
11. That moment when you click with someone
12. Second chances

What makes you happy to be alive? Have I forgotten anything that should definitely be on my list? Thanks to Ema for providing the inspiration for these weekly lists!

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