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Thursday, 23 January 2014

On The Things That Remind Me Of Home

1. Beautiful flowers all around the house that my Gran brings home.

2. Sunday mornings chatting with my Mum about whatever I'm feeling like at that moment in time.

3. Bookshelves completely filled with books, both mine and my Mum's.

4. The sound of the kettle boiling for tea at what feels like every minute of every day.

5. The smell of egg and bacon cooking on a Sunday lunchtime.

6. A tub of Ben and Jerry's permanently in the freezer. 

7. The toys I definitely don't still have in my bed. 


  1. #3 has reminded me that the smell of (slightly dusty) books always reminds me of home too. Missed that one off my list though! I only have to go into a second hand book shop to be transported back.


    1. I know, it's always been such a familiar smell that takes me right back to when I was little. I've been loving reading your lists xx


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