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Thursday, 30 January 2014

On Adulthood

I'm at a funny age really, in between being a child and an adult. And next year I'll be 18, when I'll officially be classed as an adult. But I'd be willing to bet good money that I won't feel like one by then. Adulthood is such a strange thing when you think about it. You're suddenly pulled out from being under your parents' protection and unleashed into the world and made to take care of yourself. That probably sounds a bit dramatic but that's pretty much what it comes down to as far as I can tell.

I go through phases of longing to be an adult and others in which I don't ever want to grow up. I use the classic excuse of "growing up looks hard". But really, I'm realising more and more that life is hard, so you may as well at least be fully in charge of your own life.

Right now I'm in a 'can't wait to be an adult and make all my own choices' phase. I had an argument with my Mum and Gran on Sunday. I'm sure you can imagine how that happens sometimes when you live in a house with three generations of women. We often argue about little things but this was a pretty serious one. For the majority of the time I can't stand arguments and this one was not an exception. What irritates me the most though (apart from being upset that we're not getting on), is that a lot of the time I don't feel like my point of view is valued simply because they're adults and I'm not.

Now I know that sounds terribly childish, but I don't mean it in a whiny way. I would just appreciate it if rather than hearing me, they would listen too. That's not to say that I don't love my family very much because I do and I don't know what I'd do without them. Anyway, we sorted it out so I don't want to be really pessimistic.

It just got me thinking again about being an adult and the freedom and the inevitable responsibility that comes with that. And right now I'm thinking I might actually like some of that. Some independence, in coming home (hopefully from a job I love) and cooking myself dinner. Having a proper choice in that. Maybe living with someone and spending my evening chatting with them or having some time to myself. Without the pressure of exams constantly looming over me.

I've painted a very idealistic and fairytale-like picture of being an adult, which I know in reality is not all fun and games. But I was daydreaming about this today so thought I'd write it all down. One thing's for sure, it will be lovely to look back on this in a few years when I'll be an adult myself. Funnily enough, I'm off to a careers evening at my school now to find out what it's all about!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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