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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

On Christmas Eve

So Christmas Eve is here again. When I was little it was a day of huge anticipation and excitement. And now that I'm older it's still a day of huge anticipation and excitement although maybe not quite on the same level as it was then. I've always thought the magic of Christmas is seen in children. Whenever I see my niece and nephews at Christmas I see the little glint in their eyes because they know Father Christmas is coming/has come and it's the most exciting thing in their world at that moment when nothing else matters and I remember when that was me, and what a special time of year Christmas really is.

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I personally am a Christian, as I think I've written on here before and so when it comes to the Christmas period I do think about the whole reason behind this wonderful holiday but even so, I think that this time of year is a time to hug those special people in our lives a little tighter than usual and count our blessings for how lucky so many of us are and to remember those that aren't as lucky and keep them in our hearts as well.

I will spending my Christmas Eve finishing off some homework (boo!), wrapping all my presents for everyone and then going for lunch with my mum (yay!) and coming home to open my presents with her and my gran. I explained in this post exactly a year ago today why Christmas Eve is more important in Romania (where my maternal side of the family is from), meaning we open our presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day and also what I was feeling at this time last year if you're interested!

It's always been a lovely tradition of ours and makes Christmas Eve that much more exciting. I have no doubt after opening our presents we'll crack on Bridget Jones' Diary or Love Actually which has become a ritual of ours every year.

I'm off to my sister's in Yorkshire tomorrow morning so won't be posting for a few days so have a fabulous Christmas wherever you are and whoever you're with and I'll hopefully be back soon.

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