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Friday, 19 April 2013

Irritable And Cold

Hello. I'm once again finding myself apologising at the beginning of a post for my lack of writing recently. Since I got back from Yorkshire Blogger has been annoying and wasn't doing what I wanted it to for a while. Then I developed conjunctivitis, and having got rid of that developed a horrible cold that hasn't budged seven days later. So I've been busy nursing this cold and avidly trying to get rid of it in the meantime. It's not been my week really.

Oh well, I had a lovely time in Yorkshire. Despite there being 21 years between me and my oldest sister, we've become very close in the last year so I feel really blessed to have her to talk to and spend time with. My niece and nephews are gorgeous as ever, I think it's safe to say there aren't many better feelings in the world than when your 18 month old nephew comes running at you from across the room with a giant grin on his face and arms in the air for a cuddle. So that was definitely the break I needed.

Sadly when I returned it was back to revision. So depressing. Got to be done though. I spent an evening being reunited with the girls which was lovely, I normally see them almost every day at school so found it very disconcerting not seeing or gossiping with them for almost two weeks. At the end of the week, having been dosed up with eye drops for my conjunctivitis continually, I decided enough was enough and had a party to go to so got a little bit drunk there and laughed a lot. It was a pretty great night, photo evidence will be below.

Unfortunately mother nature decided enough wasn't enough and although I woke up with no hangover and all signs of conjunctivitis gone I did wake up with this dreaded cold. Since then I've had a constant sore throat, chesty cough and tiredness. I haven't had a day off of school ill for two years and I've had two off this week. I've just felt very run down. Also my drama exam performance is next Friday - that's 60% of my GCSE so I kind of need my voice to get better, pronto. And the bloody doctor wouldn't give me antibiotics, they only said I needed a blood test in case I have glandular fever but couldn't give me one till next Wednesday. Mum wanted me to have it earlier and so I went to a private GP today.

If you know me you know I'm absolutely terrified at the sight of anything mildly gory rather squeamish and so me + a blood test = bad idea. Last time I had one I nearly fainted. So it's fair to say I was trembling at the thought of having one. Luckily the GP said that judging from my symptoms it's highly unlikely I have glandular fever so didn't want me to have the blood test, and he gave me antibiotics, hurray! He was so lovely, it makes such a difference to see the doctor and not get the feeling they're trying to get rid of you as swiftly as humanly possible, or maybe that's just me?! Anyway, hopefully that will clear it up so that I'll be ready for my exam on Friday, eeek!

Here are some photos from that party, proceed to look at them at your own risk ;)

And a hilarious April fools from my boyfriend ;)

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