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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Month 03

First of all happy Easter everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely day! It's a disappointing moment when you have to ask your mum to buy you an Easter egg as she deems you too old for one, and then, after lots of nagging she comes home with a One Direction Easter egg, not exactly what I was hoping for - oh well, chocolate is chocolate. 

I'm currently a few days into my Easter holidays, and they've started quite wonderfully. Sadly I have had to start some revision but I've managed to fill most of my evenings with doing more exciting things in an attempt to make it more bearable and I kindly gave myself the weekend off as I'm exhausted from this term. I'm going to my sister's on Tuesday for three nights (she lives in Yorkshire), so hopefully that will be a nice break and I always love to spend time with her and my niece and nephews so just going to try and get a lot of revision in tomorrow before I go. 

Anyway in March I...

Read: I finished Emma by Jane Austen. It took me a lot longer than I intended to finish it, however I really enjoyed it. I won't deny that it took me a while to get into but the ending was truly lovely and I would love to see the film. I've just started Atonement by Ian McEwan, my mum bought me the film about a year ago but I wanted to read the book first and have been happily surprised by this decision. I'm only a few chapters in but I am loving it, McEwan has somehow managed to perfectly capture the spirit of a 13-year-old girl, which sounds odd but is so interesting to read. I can't wait to read on, I predict that next month I'll have a lot to say about this book.

 Watched for the first time: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - I read this incredible book about a year ago and have hugely anticipated watching the film ever since, and it did not disappoint. I would really recommend this film, it's one of those films that has a really important message, one that is not often spoken widely about. I think the reason it is so well done and so true to the book is that it was written and directed by Stephen Chbosky (the author of the book). Salmon Fishing In The Yemen - Another film which I read the book of first, the film was very different, nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed it and the ideas it explores. Moulin Rouge - I am told that this is a 'love it or hate it' kind of film. Luckily I loved it, and can now finally say I've seen it. King Kong - watched this with Harry, who argues that I do not understand the ending as I said the girl was clearly in love with the gorilla, I'm just saying, it could happen. In all seriousness, I enjoyed this film as well and found it more interesting than I was expecting to. The Usual Suspects - Also watched this with Harry, he told me to trust him on it and I'm glad I did, it was great. 

Bought (music on my iPod): The Script by The Script - after listening to it for years and seeing them live this month I finally ordered it and put it on my iPod, it's exceptional. 

Bought (clothes): A Forever 21 peplum top and a new bralet from Topshop.

At school: I found out I got an A* in my French reading and listening exam, meaning I don't have to retake in May and am ecstatic about. We got our reports and my form got treated to Domino's pizza because our head of year thought we had the best reports, I'm not complaining! I also found out that I got an A* in my history coursework, over the moon as I also got an A* in my history module last June so if I can do the same in my last history exam I'm headed for an A* overall. Finally I finished my child development coursework, it is forty pages long, took me six months to complete, I'm really hoping I did well. 

Out of school: Went to a Justin Bieber concert. Saw my boyfriend in his school production of Daisy Pulls It Off, which was excellent. Found out I got a full bursary offer to a very good school, that I'm unsure of whether to accept. Went to see The Script. Got irritated by bad manners. Also by the fact that there was snow IN MARCH. Had a much needed girly evening where we spent £45 on Indian takeaway and talked non-stop for five hours. Started revision for my GCSE exams. 

So that was March, if I don't blog tomorrow I'll try and blog next weekend as I won't get a chance to at my sister's. 


Sunday, 24 March 2013

My Little Weekend

Last week was incredibly long for a number of reasons, mainly school related. I realised that my GCSE exams are not as far away as I was telling myself they were, my first one is on the 14th of May, too close for comfort in my opinion. I'm a little obsessed with everything being organised and just how I want it when it comes to revision, so realising that I had not yet begun to revise or organise myself in the slightest rendered me a little apprehensive. That plus extra homework, coursework and it being my time of the month made the week not all that enjoyable.

Luckily I had One Tree Hill, WH Smith stationary and a wonderful weekend I was looking forward to, which made it a little better, although I could not wait for the week to be over. On Friday I went to see The Script at the O2 Arena for their #3 tour. I have loved them for years and their music has helped me through some of the rougher times of my life (please excuse the cheesiness in this paragraph), so you can probably imagine how excited I was. It did not disappoint, they were absolutely flawless. I don't think there's anything in the world like the atmosphere of 20,000 people all singing the same song. I've always been fascinated by song lyrics, they are what music is all about for me and The Script have some of the most beautiful lyrics I've seen. Seeing them play the music live and singing along with thousands of people is an indescribable feeling. People coming together through music is a truly incredible thing to witness and be a part of. I was also really happy to discover that the majority of the songs they performed were from their old albums, so I got to hear their old stuff as well as their new songs.

Danny O'Donoghue is b e a u t i f u l.

Quick picture before the concert.

Then on Saturday, once I'd got over the initial shock that the bloody snow had decided to make another appearance IN MARCH, I did some work before going to Harry's in the evening. Fortunately the snow did not settle, so I was a little happier despite the freezing conditions. I spent the night at Harry's and it is safe to say we had the laziest Saturday evening and Sunday I've had in a long time. It was fantastic. We watched Moulin Rouge, which I hadn't seen before and really enjoyed. We also watched King Kong, which Harry claims I do not understand the story of (I do). I think after this week and knowing the revision I am going to have to begin in the Easter holidays this weekend was exactly what I needed. Not to mention the ketchup and bacon sandwich I had this morning. Relaxing is the best medicine for tiring weeks. It's a shame I have three more days of school, oh well, I'll rattle on.

Excitement at being in my onesie.

Sleepy Harry.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bad Manners

Ok, I'm really hoping it's not just me that is so easily irritated by bad manners. It's one of my 'things I cannot stand and would rather flush a person down the toilet who possess them rather than having to deal with them a moment longer than necessary' - official term. I simply don't think it is too much to expect of another human being to have the common decency to say 'please' and 'thank you' at the appropriate times.

Bad manners have always annoyed me, I suppose it is because when I was younger my mum would constantly drill into me how important manners were. I remember going round to friend's houses for tea and to play (they were definitely the good old days) and on the way I would always, without fail, every single time, get a lecture from my mum about saying 'please' and 'thank you' and everything else she deemed to be compulsory when sitting at a table with other people. I hated her for it at the time. It was so aggravating to have to listen to it over and over again. But it paid off and I'd like to think that I am always careful to be well mannered wherever possible.

[image via weheartit]
Anyway, the reason I am going off on this rant is because on Monday I was at school in the middle of double history, which is dreary anyway at the best of times (don't get me wrong, I love history but two hours of it back to back on a Monday afternoon isn't all that easy to take) and was made even worse by the fact that I was sitting next to someone who didn't appear to bear any manners to their name. You see we're given a lot of sheets in history and I always use my ruler to trim them and the school's glue to stick them in. I know, it doesn't seem too complicated, yet. Throughout the afternoon the person I was sitting with would quite happily, without so much as a glance in my direction, take my ruler out of my pencil case, trim her paper and put it back as though nothing had happened. Ok, so I'm probably making a big deal out of it. I'll be the first to admit that there are many worse things in life than this. But it just really frustrated me that they did not have the courtesy to ask to use it. I wouldn't have had a problem with them borrowing it at all if they'd only asked politely. And then when I asked to borrow my friend's glue, they did the same thing. I mean, this wasn't even mine. They'd seen me borrow it from someone else and still didn't bother to ask the person if they could use it. Arrrrrrgh.

This incident led me to think about people's manners, or a lack of them. I really think that, for me, they can make or break an impression. In little ways, I believe they have the ability to change someone's mood. Say if you hold the door open for someone, or they for you - if they say thank you it always puts a smile on my face, and the same if someone holds the door for me. In the world that we live in, I just think that good manners are an effortless way to make someone's day a little better, and as they're so effortless, I don't see why so many people appear to have a deficiency in them.

So that's it. Rant over, I promise. I'd love to know whether you agree profusely or whether I'm just being a crazy lady who needs to relax, although if it's the latter please don't be too harsh!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Few Things

01: I apologise for neglecting this space for the past couple of weeks, life got in the way (as it always does from time to time) and I had a bit of a rough time about a week ago so didn't really feel like blogging. Needless to say I am very much back and raring to write.

02: The lovely ladies at Blogger's Bookshelf featured my book review on Paper Towns by John Green which you can see here, so thank you very much to them!

03: I went to a Justin Bieber concert last Thursday, I have absolutely no shame, I love him and he never fails to put on a good show. Having said that, luckily I did not go on the day that he arrived late! However, half way through the concert I received a text from my mum with some news that I was really hoping I wouldn't hear. As my mum works in London and we live in Surrey she has to commute to get to work. She has been doing this for years with no complaint as the state schools here are much better and we could never afford to send me to a private school. But recently she's been getting a lot more run down and tired as a result of the commute, and she doesn't think she can do it anymore. So she's decided that she feels we have to move to London and as it is my last year of GCSE's she would rather move me in the Summer instead of making a difficult transition half way through my a levels.

The problem is that this has slowly been eating away at me for the past few months, I love my life here. Every aspect of it. I want to stay at my school for sixth form with the people I love. But I feel so selfish for that. My mum has sacrificed so much for me over the years since she and my dad divorced and this is something she wants to do for her. I can't deny her that and feel okay with myself. So I agreed to interview at a few grammar schools in London and we applied for bursaries. I only got into one of these, and the news I got at the concert was that I had got a full bursary. I know, it sounds crazy, but I was upset with this achievement. Some kids would kill for it, but not me, I was hoping for the easy way out, so that we wouldn't have to fight and so that even if we moved I would be able to stay at my current school somehow. Childish, I know. But, of course, we don't often get the 'easy way out' in life and so I've been wrestling with this decision and how to handle it. I hate change, I suppose it's in human nature to feel that way. I think that we, as a race, find it incredibly difficult to face change, we like our habits and familiarity and so the thought of this being broken can terrify us even when it is for the better. So I talked to one of my teachers to get a different perspective.

I am incredibly lucky with my head of year - she has always been there for me should I need anything - and she told me that at the end of the day, no matter what I decide, I just have to be true to myself. And so, I talked it out with my mum, have agreed to spend a trial day at this school to get a feel for the place and I'm praying that after that she will allow me to make a decision for myself. I now realise how great this opportunity is, and that although it has been tearing me apart a little for the past few months I am incredibly lucky to be given it. I don't want to go into it too much, I just wanted to briefly explain why I've been absent. But I am feeling better about it now.

04: I went to my boyfriend's school last Friday to see him in Daisy Pulls It Off, it was absolutely hilarious, the acting was impeccable and I loved being able to see him doing something he seems to love so much. Although in the interval he somehow managed to get knocked in the head with a blackboard and so had to miss some of the second half, resulting in me worrying he might be a little bit dead: hello occupation 24/7 worrier, thanks mum for passing that down to me! He was fine though and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening.

06: On the Saturday I went shopping with Lucy in London, had lunch in Flat Planet and bought a new bralet and top. In the evening I went to the Daisy after party and got a little bit drunk, but had a very good time.

07: Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks, I'm off to do homework like the good student I am catch up on Masterchef.

Beautiful drunk photo

Evidence of my love for snapchat in the form of me and Ro sending this to a friend that was ill.

On the way to Justin Bieber

Flat Planet food, can't explain how good this was.

Excuse my stomach, but this is my new bralet.

My new top.

I found this so interesting so thought I'd share.

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