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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Month 02

I'm currently sitting at my laptop with a big cup of tea in my beloved Cath Kidston mug and a box of chocolates my Dad gave me for my birthday last week after a long day at school, not a bad position to be in, if I say so myself. Having said that, every other day this week I seem to have been overloaded with work so decided to give myself a bit of a break this evening. I cannot wait for this week to be over - I always find the first week back after a holiday rather draining.

Anyway, it is the last day of February today (anybody else terrified by how fast it went?!) so I thought I'd keep up with my monthly updates of little things I have accomplished in a specific month.

In February I...

Read: Finished Paper Towns by John Green (which I wrote about here), Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart, very much in love with her sitcom and apparently her writing too, I found it difficult to keep myself from laughing out loud for the majority of this book. I am halfway through Emma by Jane Austen, which I am reading for my school book club, I found it slow at first but am enjoying it much more now, I really appreciate the simplicity of Emma's observations.

Watched for the first time: I Give It A Year - My friend Mackinlay and I went to see this at the cinema just over a week ago, it's become a bit of a tradition of ours to go to the cinema, watch some form of romcom and go for dinner afterwards and so I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. It is still a romcom and not at all life changing, however, it wasn't as predictable as I thought it would be and the whole film was exactly my kind of humour, so was brilliant for a laugh with one of my best friends. Lay The Favourite - My mum and I tried to watch this film mainly because we have an unhealthy love appreciation for Joshua Jackson and were hoping to enjoy it, we tried it for half an hour before giving up, it was horrifically boring and I would not recommend it if you're thinking of watching it. Wicked - People have been telling me to see it for what seems like forever and I finally did, it's fair to say I thought it was impeccable and already want to go again. Quartermaine's Terms - an excellent play, wrote about it in detail here.

Bought (music on my iPod): Wicked Soundtrack, Loose Change by Ed Sheeran, In Case You Didn't Know by Olly Murs.

Bought (clothes): I have a Forever 21 voucher from by godparents for my birthday which I have yet to spend, a Topshop lace blouse which I wore on my birthday and you can see here. I also bought a prom dress, I'm so relieved to have found one I really like and it was only £99, which I'm so happy with.

At school: Got my exam timetable, which was terrifying, there are only around 10 weeks till my exams start, quite frankly makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. I also signed up to help make the yearbook, not that I know quite what that will entail as of yet, but I hope it will be fun.

Out of school: Bought the One Line A Day diary, I love the idea of it and am really enjoying having a way of keeping a record of the little things that happen day to day without having to write masses at the end of a long day. Had the sweetest Valentine's Day with Harry. It was my 16th birthday on the 18th February and I spent an amazing day with the people I'm closest to. For my present my mum took me for a facial at 37 Degrees in London Bridge, the people there were so lovely, couldn't have asked for better service and they were kind enough to give us each a £30 voucher for Espa. Espa are a brand which create natural skin care products, which they used for my facial, I was so happy to receive this voucher as my skin care routine is awful so this meant that I could afford to spend a little more than I usually would on an amazing product.

Okay I think that's most things, I apologise for the mass of writing you have today, congratulations if you got through it all ;) February has treated me very well, I feel so lucky at the moment for the life I have. I just hope I can keep up with the workload in the next few months - I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!


  1. I love my one line a day diary. You'll have great fun filling that in and more fun reading it back in 5 years time! Your life will change so much in those 5 years I bet :) Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

    1. I'm sure it will, although it's a scary thought! You're welcome :) xx


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