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Thursday, 31 January 2013

month número 01

It's the last day of January, meaning that already there are only eleven months left of 2013. I won't pretend to be upset that January is nearly over, especially as it will be my 16th birthday in February. Nevertheless, as always, I am utterly in awe of how rapidly time goes by, and sometimes that thought scares me. I often just want to stop, to have the ability to pause a moment and just live in it, to bask in the happiness of it, if you will. Because time going by means getting older, and although it is inevitable, growing old is one of my biggest fears.

So, thinking about this, I decided that at the end of each month this year I will write a post about what I have achieved or done. I doubt they will often be big things, but it's just a way for me to record what I do, and hopefully something you may find interesting. My logic is that if time insists on passing so swiftly I may as well record the little things that happen so that I have my memories, things that may not seem all that important right now, but in a few years I am sure I will be grateful to have written about.

Here it is then. In January I...

Read: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Back Story by David Mitchell, Camp David by David Walliams and I have just started Paper Towns by John Green. (I will write about these later, they're for another post I have planned.)

Watched for the first time: Jane Eyre (2011 version) - I thought it was a little slow and that the book was much better. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it lacked some of the necessary detail from the book, although the acting was wonderful. The King's Speech - Everybody talked about this for such a long time and somehow I never got around to seeing it, so Mum and I finally rented it the other weekend and I loved it. The acting was impeccable and the story was incredible. Les Misérables - I've already seen it twice and bought the soundtrack. I can't impart my love for this film enough, it was utterly brilliant. It's Complicated - Meryl Streep was excellent, I thought this film would be just another romcom and so was wonderfully surprised at how interesting I found it as it explores divorce and human nature of addiction to what is familiar very well.

Bought (music on my ipod): Les Misérables Soundtrack, Babel by Mumford and Sons, Glee - The Warblers album (don't pretend it doesn't put a smile on your face!)

Bought (clothes): a beautiful new dress from Rare in the sales, some new underwear and also started looking for a prom dress, I'm finding it impossible to find one I like.

At school: completed all my mocks and was lucky enough to receive all my results at a B and above, started learning my script for my final drama piece, got my maths exam result from November which was a B, had my final school and year picture taken, got my first A* in English coursework, I normally don't do so well in English coursework, so this was amazing!

Out of school: had a few really good snow days, went to a surprise party, watched a few films with Harry, went to Pizza Express with friends and ate more than I ever knew I could - eating basically sums up my life.

Although mocks tired me out, January has been rather good to me, here's hoping February will do the same.

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