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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Spotlight On :: The Conscious Beauty Co

I've been wanting to start a series for a while on the blog where I can talk about some of my most-loved brands that I think deserve a shout out for the quality products they make and great work that they do. I think now more than ever it's important to support companies like these if you can and am loving the independent shopping movement!

Today I thought I'd start with one of my recent favourites, The Conscious Beauty Co.

For a long time now I have been trying to reduce my consumption of singe-use plastic products as so many of them seem so unnecessary when you consider how long they take to decompose. One of my greatest offenders in this category was shower toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. I've tried solid shampoos and conditioners before and, as much as I wanted to fall in love with them, rarely found that they did the job in the same way as liquid ones. But I really didn't want to carry on buying disposable shampoo/conditioner bottles.

Then a couple of months ago I saw Beth Sandland using The Conscious Beauty Co products. The CB Co make hand wash, shampoo, conditioner and shower gels in a number of different scents that come in refillable pouches. You buy a set as well as their bottles pictured above (not pictured are the pumps which make getting the product out super easy), and send them back any empty pouches in their freepost envelope and they recycle every single pouch.

I've been using their products for over a month now and I love them - they do exactly what I want them to and leave my hair feeling soft and silky. The massively basic side of myself also loves how aesthetically pleasing the bottles look in my bathroom. Considering how much product I get through, they provide the perfect solution for me so that this element of my life is now essentially plastic free. 

Testament to how lovely the company is too is that I emailed them about a week ago as I have a Carex refill pouch that seems to be really similar to their refill pouches which I can't put in my at home recycling. I asked if they would mind if I put it in with the rest of my pouches from them when I send them back to be recycled, and they said of course and I now feel great knowing that's one less thing to go in the landfill.

I know it might not seem hugely revolutionary and there are still lots of areas in my life in which I use far more single-use plastic than I'd like, but I think every step forward is a step in the right direction and I'm so so happy to have found this company who have sorted all of my bathroom toiletry needs! 

The Conscious Beauty Co have a sale on at the moment which is definitely worth taking advantage of. You can find all of their products here and their explanation of how it all works here. I would highly recommend them if you too are looking for a similar solution to single-use plastic in this area!

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