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Friday, 17 April 2020

The Happy List #09

It's been a bit of a week. Nothing in particular has happened, it's the same old social distancing/isolation we've all been living through for the past month now. I've just felt quite irritable this week. So I thought I'd restart my old happy lists as I don't feel like I have the energy to write a proper post today but I want to keep writing on Fridays and I'm kind of hoping looking for the positives will get me out of this funk. So here are the things that have been making me happy during this time:

The best sunset one year ago today - not sure I'll ever get over how beautiful this sky was

1 // Reminiscing about travelling - I get memory notifications on my phone pretty much every day and this time last year I had just arrived in Thailand on the island of Ko Phi Phi, one of my favourite places I visited on the whole trip. I remember it being a really really long day getting there and when we finally made it Liam making me hike up to this spot and me not feeling all that energised to do that (read: moody and tired). But as you can see in the sunset above it was so worth it. For quite a few months after I got back from travelling I didn't let myself think about it, I found it too painful after Tai's death and later mine and Liam's break up. But I've started to really think about it and appreciate it again. It was such a special time and amazing to think how different life was a year ago and how lucky I am to have seen such incredibly beautiful places. That Thai island will always have a special place in my heart, one of its beaches is probably my favourite beach I've ever visited.

2 // Caggie Dunlop's new podcast Saturn Returns - I hadn't heard much from Caggie Dunlop since I used to watch her on Made in Chelsea when it felt like we were all a bit obsessed with her back in the day. But I saw a few days ago that she's launched a podcast and in the first episode interviews one of my favourite podcasters, Elizabeth Day. Their conversation makes for brilliant listening and I really enjoyed it and the tone of the podcast, I've got the next two episodes downloading and I'm really looking forward to listening to them! 

3 // Cookies - Cookies are one of the best sweet treats going in my opinion and my new quarantine mission is to perfect them and find the best recipe. I started last week with The Anna Edit's famous recipe and man they were good. I made 12 and they lasted 5 days, which I think is pretty good going. I could only get hold of gluten free flour though so I think they'd have turned out a little better if I had my usual self raising flour but they still tasted amazing and were a big source of joy while they lasted. Next on my list is the Pret recipe for their chocolate chunk cookies and I am so excited to try them.

4 // Writing a pub quiz - As I said in my post last week, my friends and I have been having a weekly pub quiz and take it in turns to be quiz master and this week I'm writing the quiz and it's been really fun putting it together so I hope everyone enjoys it on Sunday!

5 // Teapigs Honeybush & Rooibos Tea - I'm a big fan of Teapigs in general but there is one of their teas I'm particularly in love with. I discovered their Honeybush & Rooibos tea when working at Wimbledon where they for some unknown (but wonderful) reason had it in our staff cupboard. It's so delicious and one of my favourite things to drink and it really got me hooked having it every day there. Now I'm at home nearly all the time I'm drinking it more than ever and it's just a really lovely tea, I'd highly recommend. Nothing like a tea break to perk up your mood a bit.

There we have it - five things that have been putting a smile on my face despite my rubbish mood! I hope everyone's hanging in there ok.

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