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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The 52 Lists Project // Week 45

It's another Wednesday, and another 52 lists project from me! I'm writing this tucked up in bed where I've been for the past four days after I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday. Let me tell you, it's not fun and games having four teeth taken out under full anaesthetic. I've been so exhausted and my mouth's been really sore so I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself and taking it very easy. But I'm slowly getting better and better so hopefully in a few days I'll be back to my normal self.

Anyway this week's list has been a very welcome distraction from all of that! Now that it's actually November I think that it's perhaps acceptable to think about this list which reads: "List the things that make up your ideal holiday season."

Now this year for the first time I'm spending Christmas abroad, at my sister's in New Zealand so it's not going to be the traditional Christmas season I'm used to at all. But I couldn't be more excited for it and these are the things that usually make up my ideal holiday season...

  • Christmas film watching - I'm sorry but it's not Christmas if you don't watch Elf, Love Actually, The Holiday, Bridget Jones' Diary, and all the other classic Christmas films which never fail to put me in the festive mood.
  • Visiting Christmas markets and drinking mulled wine - I absolutely love mulled wine and having a warm cup of it when it's cold outside and looking around Christmas markets is my idea of festive heaven.
  • Time spent with loved ones - Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without spending some real quality time with my family on both the big day itself and in the lead-up to it. 
  • Secret Santa with my best friends - I think I'm going to have to miss it this year because I'll be away sadly but for the last I don't know how many years my best friends and I have done Secret Santa and had an evening where we all give each other our presents and it's always the most lovely and fun night.
  • Lots and lots of mince pies - Again, it wouldn't be Christmas for me without mince pies a-plenty. I'm going to have to get my money's worth in early this year because I'm not sure they're a thing in New Zealand and I don't want to miss out on one of my favourite winter treats!
  • Decorating the Christmas tree - There's nothing better than the smell of a Christmas tree and spending an evening decorating it with my Mum. 

I could have spent an age carrying on with different Christmas traditions but I thought I'd leave it there today. Writing that has completely got me in the festive spirit and as soon as I'm well enough to eat proper solid food again you can bet that mince pies are going to be the first things I'm after! What things make up your ideal festive period?

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