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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The 52 Lists Project // Week 43

Another week, another list. If I wasn't already before, I'm now fully living and breathing my countdown until I go travelling... only seven weeks to go! I just can't wait to get away and to see my family and Liam.

Anyway, wishing time would hurry up aside, this week's prompt is: "List your favourite meals and treats." Now I *love* food almost more than life itself. I can't function when I'm hungry and nothing makes me happier than a beautifully cooked meal eaten with loved ones, so I was more than happy to sit down and think of my favourite things to eat this week...

  • Ham & mushroom pizza - I was going to just write pizza but I thought maybe I should be a bit more specific and, if I had to choose, this would be my favourite pizza. It's the one I always order in Franco Manca (one of my favourite pizza places in London, aside from Homeslice), although I do always add chorizo if I'm eating there too. You just can't beat pizza in my eyes, I could honestly live off of it.
  • Pasta - Seafood, meaty, tomato-y, whatever form, I adore pasta. Italian food is the best in the world and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me on this one. 
  • Katsu curry - I find katsu curry to be one of the most comforting meals of all time. The creamy sauce is so incredible and despite trying to be more adventurous, nine times out of ten if I'm eating at Wagamama I'm ordering a katsu curry and having zero regrets about it. 
  • Burger & sweet potato fries - Sometimes I get a craving for a burger and nothing will do but a really good one with sweet potato fries on the side. My favourite burgers are from GBK and if anyone suggests going there for food, I'm in right away. 
  • Avocado toast brunch - Brunch is one of my favourite meals and me and my school friends know how to do brunch just right. It's basic as hell, but poached eggs and avocado on toast is my favourite brunch meal. Combine that with fresh orange juice and if we're celebrating, a glass of prosecco, makes for a very happy Anna.
  • Fresh peaches - Peaches are my favourite fruit and have been ever since I was little and spent summers in Romania where they have the best home-grown peaches in the world. Peaches in the summer feel like such a treat to me and I'm gutted that they're out of season once again and I won't be snacking on them any time soon.
  • Ben & Jerry's ice cream - A tub of Ben & Jerry's cures anything - heartbreak, a bad day, frustration - you name it, cookie dough will fix it. My Mum always made a point to have a tub in the freezer when I was growing up just in case it was needed and it was the best thing ever, top parenting in my book.
  • Apple & salted caramel cake - This is very specific but I think that this is my favourite ever cake. When it comes to cake I'm more partial to lemon, carrot or some kind of fruit-based cake than chocolate. I make the best brownies (if I do say so myself) but they're not my favourite and I would pick my favourite apple & salted caramel cake over them in a heartbeat. My Mum sometimes buys me this cake from a local artisan bakery and it is *so good*. 

Ok well I've just made myself sufficiently hungry and am going to go and find something to eat! I hope you're having a lovely week whatever you're doing. 

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