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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Currently #14

I was going to sit down and write a completely different post today but I've really been feeling like I want to check in. I've been writing a lot on here lately which I'm loving but it's been a few posts since I've taken stock of what my life looks like right now and so I thought doing a 'currently' post would be the best way to do just that. If you're interested you can find my previous 'currently' posts here.

Side note: Am currently wishing I was at this beautiful beach in Norfolk on this day when it was 30 degrees 

Reading :: I've just finished This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay and am starting Stylist's Life Lessons From Remarkable Women. This Is Going To Hurt must be one of the most successful books of this year and having finally read it, I can see exactly why. I think I'm going to do a proper post dedicated to it but for a preview, the hype is totally worth it; it's such a great and important read. Stylist's Life Lessons From Remarkable Women came out earlier this year and is made up of 25 chapters by 25 amazing women sharing an important life lesson they've learnt. I feel like I could use all of the great life-affirming advice I can get at the moment so I'm really looking forward to diving into this!

Eating :: Porridge. I am absolutely obsessed with it and breakfast has become my favourite meal of the day these past few weeks. I've been buying Rude Health's Fruity Date porridge which comes with dried dates, apricots and apple pieces in it and it's absolutely delicious with a bit of honey and some blueberries sprinkled on top. It's the perfect breakfast for this season and I can't get enough.

Thinking about :: Travelling, my operation next week and the future. Bit of a rogue mix but my mind is racing at 100 miles an hour lately, I've got so much going on in this little head of mine. Firstly, travelling. I feel like I spend every waking hour thinking a mix of 'I can't wait to be away travelling', 'how many weeks do I have left at work until I go away?', 'I can't wait to see and travel with Liam', aaand it goes around in a never-ending cycle until I go to sleep. When you're in a job that you know is temporary and which is pretty mundane (as grateful as I am for it), and have got travelling to look forward to at the end of it, I guess it's unsurprising that all I can think about is when it will be done and going away. I'm just so excited and impatient and feel ready to go right now. But, alas, there are still six weeks to go. So onto my operation. Next Friday I'm having a general anaesthetic in hospital to have my wisdom teeth out. I am the world's biggest wuss when it comes to things like this, hate hospitals, hate needles, hate pain. So all in all this is going to be a bit of a nightmare for me and it's been playing on my mind a lot as we're getting closer and closer to the op date. Finally, the good old future. Ah the future. My favourite thing to think about. While six months travelling sounds like ages I just know it will fly by and before I know it I'll be back and having to face the real world i.e. look for a proper job. And, ngl, that really terrifies me right now. Not because I don't want one but because I feel like it's going to be really bloody difficult to get a good one and I'm quite scared about that at the moment. But there's not much I can do right now so I'm just going to face that music when  I'm back from travelling and just enjoy being away before I have to do so!

Watching :: Press, Strictly Come Dancing & The Great British Bake Off. SCD and GBBO I feel need no explanation, they're classics and I love watching them both dearly. Press on the other hand is a six-part BBC drama series about two rival newspapers and the journalists that work at them. It's far more complex than that though and hugely gripping, tackling ethical dilemmas such as whistle-blowing and where the boundaries lie for members of the press. I hugely recommend giving it a watch on iPlayer if you haven't already, such great acting and such a great plot.

Listening to :: Podcasts. All day every day. At the job I'm doing I'm allowed to listen to podcasts as long as I get my work done and so I spend pretty much the entire working week listening to podcasts as I work and it's glorious. I've written about some of my favourite podcasts before but I've made lots of new discoveries since then and my favourites this week are Jules and Sarah The Podcast, The Guilty Feminist and Table Manners with Jessie Ware. Definitely give them a listen if you're into podcasts too. Music-wise you can have a nosey at my October playlist here if you're interested at what's been the soundtrack to my car journeys this month.

Loving :: Voice notes. I've got a lot of friends who are sadly not in London at the moment - they've rudely gone back to uni or on year abroads - and voice noting them is just my absolute favourite thing. I'm not the biggest fan of texting - it's not very personal and texts are easily misinterpreted - but sometimes finding a time to call someone when you're both free feels nigh-on impossible too. That's where voice noting comes in and is the best thing ever. Being able to listen to a lovely update from one of my wonderful friends in their own voice whenever is convenient for me to listen to, and the same for them when I send one back, is amazing. I am just the biggest champion of them and am so past the point of being self-conscious of voice noting that I'll happily walk down the street holding my phone and recording a voice note. They're great and if you've got anyone in your life who you're physically apart from at the moment let me tell you voice noting is the way forward.

So there you have it. You're all caught up on what's going on in my little head of late. I hope you all have wonderful weekends whatever you're up to!

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