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Friday, 18 November 2016

Five Things on Netflix You *Need* to Watch This Weekend

Happy Friday everyone! I've had a super productive week and for the first time this term am feeling fairly on top of things so this weekend I'm going to make the most of that and actually take a day to do all the fun things. Ellie and I are going for lunch and shopping tomorrow and it's been so long since I've been into Exeter's town centre or caught up properly with Ellie so I can't wait!

I then plan on cosying up to watch Strictly Come Dancing and hopefully fit in some serious Netflix watching before Sunday comes and I have to go back to doing proper uni work. So to keep things a bit light after last week, to get myself in the spirit and just in case you're in need of some good old Netflix recommendations today I thought I'd share five things on Netflix at the moment that you definitely need to watch...

1 // Gilmore Girls - Ok so let's talk about Gilmore Girls and how it's one of the best. shows. ever. I'm only on series four and am desperately trying to get through it before the special 'A Year in the Life' reunion that's coming out at the end of this month, but I can honestly say it's one of the most feel-good shows I've watched in the longest time. The mother-daughter dynamic of Lorelei and Rory is brilliant and this show just gives me all of the warm feelings so if you haven't watched it yet you absolutely *must*, take my word for it and you can thank me later!

2 // Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging - They only put this on Netflix over the last couple of months and I don't think I can sum up the excitement I felt when I saw it in the 'Recently Added' section. This film was everything when I was in my early teens and I've been desperate to watch it for weeks now. It's one of those that you can watch again and again and again and it won't get old because, let's be honest, we can all relate to Georgia Nicholson and the endless embarrassing moments she has at the god-awful age of fourteen.

3 // The Crown - This is kind of a strange one for me to be recommending since I haven't actually seen it yet because of all the Gilmore Girls binging I've been doing in an awful attempt to finish it by the end of this month. Hear me out though. I've been hearing about this series for months now and it may be a bit too early for me to say this but I'm so sure that I'm going to love it. It's all about our very own Queen Elizabeth II's reign in the twentieth century and A. I'm obsessed with period dramas B. I love the royal family and C. It has Claire Foy and Matt Smith starring in it so there's no way I won't love it and I bet you will too!

4 // Shark Tale - One of my favourite films from my childhood, I still remember going to see it with my big sister in the cinema, Shark Tale is such a great movie. It's funny, has a great storyline and stars Will Smith, what's not to like?!

5 // Home Alone - I couldn't make a list of Netflix recommendations in mid-November and not include at least one Christmas film. Some of you might say it's too early, and I'd usually be right there agreeing with you but this year I'm feeling super Christmassy already and Home Alone has to be one of the best Christmas films there is. If you're feeling at all in the Christmas spirit yourself give this a watch right away!

And there you have it! Before I sign off I just want to give a quick shout out to the beautiful Twitter thread started by Katie Brennan, #TodayImGrateful. It's been giving me the biggest boost of positivity all week seeing the little things that are making people happy and I'd really recommend taking a look if you have a minute - it's so important to remember the good stuff when things going on in the world seem pretty bleak.

I hope you all have the most cosy and relaxing weekends - I'm probably watching another episode of Girlmore Girls as we speak!

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