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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Let's Catch Up // Life Lately & Sunday Thoughts

Life has been go go go this month. Uni work has really started to flood in and it's been hard to find a free moment where I don't want to just curl up and watch Gilmore Girls. But I'm here now - that extra hour from the clocks going back really does make a difference!

Last weekend I went home to London to stay with my Mum and Gran and it was just what the doctor ordered. (It could have literally been what the doctor ordered to be honest since being at home and eating good food finally shook off the cold I'd had going for nearly a month before!) As much as I love Exeter there's no place like home and it was just wonderful to potter around and get my work done in the comfort of my own room.

At the start of this week I hopped on the train from London to visit my lovely friend Lish in Newcastle where she goes to university. It was so nice to be able to explore a new city and spend quality time with her talking about anything and everything. We both found it funny how we can spend one moment talking about life, friendships and the future and what it might hold, and the next taking fifteen minutes to talk purely about food and how much we love it. If that's not the mark of a true friendship I don't know what is...

But, seriously, walking around Newcastle really gave me the chance to appreciate Autumn and how beautiful it is. As much as I love Summer even I have to admit that I'm not sure you can beat walking around on a crisp, sunny day admiring the beautiful colours of the leaves falling off the trees around you. It was simply dreamy.

Since I got back to Exeter things have been markedly less dreamy as I've been playing catch up on all my work. With three essays coming up I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have over the next month or so to dedicate to this little space. I'm aiming for once a week but we'll see how it goes. I want to keep The Girl in the Moon as somewhere I can come to write when I'm really feeling it and not just another thing I know I need to tick off on my to do list.

When I'm in the midst of uni coursework it's not always the easiest to think up things I'd like to write about, especially because I'm not out doing exciting things like I got to this Summer. So I'm hoping you'll bear with me as I inevitably become a bit of a hermit in the run up to Christmas (can't believe I'm writing that but it's less than two months to go now!). I'll be here as much as I can is what I'm essentially trying to say but there might be some gaps here and there.

I know this post hasn't really had any coherence to it but I wanted to combine letting you know what I've been up to over the last week with my thoughts on blogging as of late. Just to make this post even more confusing I'm going to leave you with a link to this video which you absolutely must watch. I didn't know I could love Sara Bareilles any more than I already do but apparently I can! The song is just brilliant and sums up what I'm sure many people are feeling about the current US presidential election fabulously.

I'll sign off there - I hope you're all having the most wonderful of weekends!

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