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Monday, 11 July 2016

Let's Catch Up // Wimbledon 2016 & The Past Few Weeks

Three and a half weeks doesn't sound like a very long time at all, does it? Yet in the space of that short time I've had my life overtaken by a job at one of the most prestigious sporting events of the year and become close with people I had never met before (both of which I have loved). During this, though, we've also seen terrible massacres across the world including in Orlando and the killing of the wonderful MP Jo Cox; the country I live in has decided to leave the EU; our Prime Minister has resigned - the list goes on and on.

It's been incredibly strange to work in an environment where, for the most part, there is so much positivity and people are able to achieve things the majority of us could only dream of while these horrific and unsettling things have been taking place. In a way, I've been sheltered from it - working twelve hour days almost every day doesn't leave much time for worrying about the future of our country - but, despite that, I am still deeply saddened by the direction our country has taken. Of course I believe in democracy and that everyone should be entitled to their own opinion; I'm not here to suggest that the referendum was a sham or that we should be going back on it (the people have voted and I think that's the end of it sadly). However, that doesn't mean that when I saw the result I wasn't filled with dread. Dread at the message it sends to our fellow Europeans. Dread at the thought that scaremongering has once again won out. Dread at the idea that, should I one day have children, they may not have the same security or opportunities I have been fortunate enough to grow up with, and that this direction was ultimately decided by generations who will not have to live with the consequences.

As a history student, I found it incredibly depressing as all I could think about was the fact that we've been here so many times before and that we seem to be going backwards once again. A few years ago for my A Levels I studied British politics from 1945 to 1990. There was so much instability in Britain at that time which I had been completely unaware of before learning about the period. I remember even now that I couldn't believe how much minorities were singled out so recently and how many governments there were because no one seemed able to deal with the problems Britain faced. But it also made me feel grateful to live in a modern Britain; one which I believed was fairly accepting, or, at least, heading in that direction, and one that was relatively stable. And now it feels like we're back to square one, and I just find that terribly, terribly sad. But, as my Dad would say, that's the way the cookie crumbles and we've just got to make the best of the situation we're in and hope/campaign for progress in the future. I'm sure many people did vote with their conscience and after carrying out extensive researsh so I'll be the first to say that I could be entirely wrong about what the aftermath of leaving the EU could mean.

On another note, while all this has been taking place, working at the Wimbledon Championships has truly shown me how great it is when people come together. I've never worked in an environment like it. No matter how tired I was, I couldn't help but be in awe of how much good takes place at Wimbledon. And for Andy Murray and Heather Watson to both win on my first year working there was really something special. It's odd how quickly you get used to a new routine, despite us being so nervous of change. Working at Wimbledon for three and a half weeks has really taken over my life, to the point where I felt as though it would feel a little empty spending the day at home today. I was definitely saddened at saying goodbye to people and having the sense of it all being over last night, but today I feel happy to be back to my life and to have the time to come back to this space to just write. And, it's helped me find, as I always do, that no matter the uncertainty; the unfairness of situations; and the fear you might have, life goes on.

I hope your Monday isn't too miserable - I'm hoping to be back soon now that I've got some more time on my hands!

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