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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Fulfilling My Childhood Dream | Seeing Busted Live

I got back from Romania two days ago now (a post on that will hopefully be coming your way very soon) but I wanted to share as soon as I possibly could what an amazing time I had yesterday evening. Last night I saw the first band I ever loved, Busted, live at Sandown Park and it was *incredible*. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting them to be the best performers considering that it's been eleven years since they broke up but they had such an incredible energy which made the entire night spectacular.

Busted's debut album was the first CD I ever bought and I can still remember the day I found out they were breaking up - I was eight years old and someone told me at school. I can even remember the name of the girl who told me, and us mourning the dreadful news together, refusing to believe that it could be true. It was the age when I'd first really got into music and Busted were my absolute favourites; I'd listen to them non-stop to the point where my Mum would beg me to put another CD on. (Side note: doesn't it feel strange now to think of actually having to change CDs if you wanted to listen to some different music, not just press a few buttons on your phone?)

Even now I'm unashamed (ok, maybe a little ashamed) to say I know every line to every song, so getting to see Busted live last night and for them to live up to my childhood expectations really was a dream come true. They're all great singers and performers so if you get the chance to see them I would really say just go for it. If nothing else you'll have a fab night out singing along to all your favourite songs from the early noughties, and who doesn't love a good music throwback?!

It really was a wonderful evening and my eight year old self would be so thrilled that I finally got to see my favourite band live!

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