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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Currently #10

Every time I come to write a 'Currently' post I'm surprised by how long it's been since I wrote one before because I love writing them and I feel like they're the posts in which I properly catch up with how I'm feeling/what's going on in the moment, if that makes sense. This time it's been five months so it definitely feels like it's time to treat you all to another one and to take stock of what's been going on in my life lately. I'm sure you know the drill by now so I'm just going to dive straight in...

Reading :: Becoming by Laura Jane Williams. This book is something else. Essentially a memoir of the last ten years of Williams' life, it tells the story of how she lost herself after the breakdown of a relationship and learnt to love herself through travelling, a year of celibacy and more. I won't be able to do Laura's writing justice here so all I can say is that no matter who you are, this book will teach you huge amounts and is well-worth reading. We've all struggled to know who we are and with our self-esteem at some point or another so hearing someone else's story is always a comfort. Pair that with Laura's *stunning* writing and you'll truly feel as though you're reading the best advice you've ever been given from a very close friend. I've found myself using little sticky tabs to mark passages I know I'll want to come back to because they resonated with me so much and nearly every chapter so far has a tab! I would really implore you to read it if you haven't already; Laura words things I've felt over these past few years better than I ever could.

Eating :: I've been trying to eat a more healthy, but more importantly, balanced diet over the past couple of months (with the exception of when I was in Italy of course) and I have to say I've really noticed a difference in not only my figure but in how I feel. I don't think I'll ever be someone who will go cold turkey in eliminating chocolate and cake from my diet because, frankly, I think the healthiest thing you can do is have a balanced diet rather than, what is, for me, an unrealistic one, but having it less and balancing it out with healthier meals is making such a difference to how I feel - I've got more energy, am having less IBS cramps and, touch wood, my skin's looking a lot clearer too. Having said all that, I started working at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships on Wednesday and the food I'm provided with is insane and delicious, so all this may go out the window over the next few weeks... 

Thinking about :: Family. My sister and two little nieces are up in Yorkshire from New Zealand where they live, so myself and my other two sisters and our Dad spent six days together last week. It was so lovely to have us all together as well as all my nieces and nephews for the first time as it's such a rare occurrence for us to be under one roof given that my sister lives on the other side of the world! The time we spent there made me so grateful for my family - something I'm sure I don't appreciate enough. Although we'll be together at an extended family party next weekend, I find it really sad to have to say goodbye to my sister Tai and her two little ones not knowing when I'll next see them. Hopefully I'll be able to get out there sometime in the next few years but it's such a shame that they live so far away. It does make the time we spend together more precious though and that's why family and how great they are has been on my mind these past couple of weeks. 

Watching :: New Girl. The latest series started being aired a couple of weeks ago and I'm truly over the moon about it (I know, I should probably get out more!). If you haven't watched New Girl though you really should - I know very few people who have watched it and haven't found it funny, so it's worth giving it a go for sure. I personally find it absolutely hilarious and the central character, Jess, played by the fabulous Zooey Deschanel, is my ultimate spirit animal. I relate to her so much, which some may see as a bad thing (which you'll understand if you've seen the show) but I definitely see it as good, and New Girl is just a series that I will forever come back to when I want to laugh at the wonderfully random things the writers come up with played out by the scenario of a girl living with three male roommates. 

Listening to :: Ever since going to BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend in Exeter last month (which was incredible btw), I have a newfound obsession for One Republic and The 1975. Of course Coldplay stole the show but I was pleasantly surprised by the former two, not expecting them to be as good as they were. Both bands had such incredible stage presence and, as a result, I've been playing them both on repeat ever since. I think I'm starting to drive my Mum insane because I'm listening to my favourite songs by them over and over. I just can't stop, they're both great!

Loving :: Having a car! This is still so new to me since I got it less than two months ago, but already I've found so much more freedom in being able to just get in my car and drive wherever, whenever. Since driving to Exeter and back I've been much more confident than I was and, while I'm still a bit of a nervous driver, I'm trying to get behind the wheel as often as I can to get over it and I really am enjoying how much easier it makes my life. It's the best purchase I've ever made without doubt and, I can see my sister's warning that once you get a car, you can't be without one is definitely going to ring true for me!

Aaand that's everything that's currently on my mind. I hope that you all have a great weekend, and please let me know if you've got any of the same or similar obsessions as me at the moment - it's always nice to know you're not alone in them! 

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